3300 x 2100MM Heavy Duty Maxi Panel Temporary Fencing

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DB Fencing – Completes Export of 3300 x 2100MM Heavy Duty Maxi Panel Temporary Fencing

In this blog post, we will discuss how DB Fencing completed the export of 3300 x 2100MM Heavy Duty Maxi Panel Temporary Fencing to a client in Australia. We will cover the details of the order process, including product specifications, communication with the client, and the manufacturing process.

Order Completion Process

1. Get Inquiry And Negotiate Details

DB Fencing recently completed the export of a batch of 3300 x 2100MM Heavy Duty Maxi Panel Temporary Fencing to a client in Australia. The order consisted of 3x40ft high containers, which contained a total of 1130 panels, 230 blow-molded plastic feet, and 1130 sets of steel clamps.

During the initial communication with the client, Adam, we discussed the product details, including the specifications for the temporary fence panel, feet, and clamps. However, we noted that the height of the panels (2400mm) would not fit inside the containers (2350mm internal width). We proactively communicated this issue to Adam and proposed reducing the panel height to 2100mm to accommodate shipping. Adam appreciated our responsiveness and agreed to the new height, and we quickly signed the order and received the deposit.

2. Temporary Fence Panels Production

Throughout the production process, we provided regular updates on the progress of the order and addressed any questions or concerns that Adam had. We highlighted the strength of our welding, which used 360-degree full welding for added durability. Additionally, our galvanizing process involved pre-treating the steel and then applying a silver powder coat for added protection. Adam was pleased with the quality of our workmanship, which was evident from the photos we provided.

3300 X 2100MM Heavy Duty Maxi Panel Temporary Fencing

3. Plastic Feet And Steel Clamps

After 15 days of production, we successfully manufactured 1130 sets of temporary fences. We also produced blow-molded plastic feet with a weight of 26-27kgs after adding cement, which is ideal for use in high-wind coastal areas. These feet are made of HDPE with UV materials. Our steel clamps, made from 4.0mm thick galvanized steel, had a zinc coating of 360g/m2.

Temporary fence feet and steel clamps

4. Loading and Shipping

On the last Friday of the order, we completed the standard packaging and loaded the containers. Each container held 376 panels, as well as feet and clamps. Adam was impressed with our careful packaging and immediately paid the final payment.

Temnporary fence panels, plastic feet, and steel clamps loaded into containers

5. After-Sales Services

To enhance our customer service, we kept Adam informed about the shipping progress, including the vessel’s movements and route, and helped him obtain favorable permits.


DB Fencing successfully completed the export of a batch of 3300 x 2100MM Heavy Duty Maxi Panel Temporary Fencing to a client in Australia. Despite the initial issue with the panel height, we proactively communicated with Adam and found a mutually acceptable solution. Our high-quality production process and careful packaging resulted in a satisfied customer who was pleased with the final product and our excellent customer service.

Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hi, I’m Frank Zhang, the founder of DB Fencing, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes metal fences for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal fences from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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