Canada Portable Temporary Fence Panels

Portable Temporary Fence Panels In Construction Site

DB Fencing provides all sizes of high-quality temporary fence panels and sale services throughout all the Canada. Because as a direct factory role in China since 2009, we supply the wholesale competitive lower offers to contractors and retailers who import from China.

In recent years, we have export 4’ x 8’, 6’ x 8’, 6’ x 9.5’, 6’ x 10’ temporary construction fence panels for Sale to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, and Toronto in Canada and America.

These galvanized and powder coated welded wire temporary security fence panels are also named temporary mesh fencing panels, construction fence panels, portable fencing, residential temporary fence, mesh pool fences, safety pool fence, removable pool fence, commercial temporary fencing, temporary dog fence outdoor, temporary pool fencing, cost of temporary construction fencing for sale, cheap temporary fencing and temporary metal fence panels, including stabilizing foot and top pin.

It can prevent the out hazard (uneven ground, theft, exposed wiring, and falling debris), keep home or site safe, and save your treasure, which is popular in construction and demolition sites, traveling fairs and carnivals private events, races, commercial use, sports fields, industrial, commercial or residential job site, and oil Field.

Because we are the factory, mainly produce fence panels for sale, so our minimum order is 100 pcs. If new inquiry, please contact:

a picture of orange, red, blue and green powder coated temporary fence
Heavy Duty Temporary Construction Fence

Powder Coated Gray, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange Colors

1. Quick Install & Fence Panels Specifications

The durable temporary wire fence is usually used pre-galvanized frame square tube 30 x 30 x 2.0 mm, and 20 x 20 x 1.2 mm or 25 x 25 x 1.2 mm horizontal bracing anti-winds, 3.5 mm or 4.0 mm inner filled rectangular anti-climb wire mesh panels, to fully weld together, then powder coated finish with colors, such as yellow, green, orange, grey, and blue, etc.

The tapered ending top pin or top connector are made of carbon steel square and round tube, to be 360 degrees full welded together, galvanized and powder coated colors, which connect the top of two panels.

The standing foot of temporary metal fence is made of the galvanized steel plate and smaller square tube, or solid steel bar welded together, to support the bottom of two panels. There are two Pre-drilled holes in the base feet to hold the panels more stable and durable with an explosion-proof screw.

Panel Size ( H x L)Frame PipeMiddle BraceWire diameterMesh sizeFeet blockFinish
4’x 10’25x25x1.2mm


or 20x20x1.2mm

11 Gauge

or 3.5mm

2” x 4”

100 x 863 x 7mm

or 600 x 100 x 5mm

Hot dipped galvanized

and powder coated

6′ x 2’25x25x1.2mm
6′ x 4’25x25x1.2mm
6′ x 6’25x25x1.2mm
6’x 8’25x25x1.2mm
6’x 9.5’25x25x1.2mm
6’ x 10’25x25x1.2mm

2. Orange Color Temporary Security Fence Panels

3. Yellow Color Temporary Construction Fencing For Sale

4. Red Color Fence Panels

5. Blue Color Removable Panels

6. Green Color Portable Fencing

7. Gray Color Constructionn Fence Panels

8. Hot Dipped Galvanized Temporary Mesh Fencing Panels

9. Construction Walkthrough Gate Specs - Convenient Personnel Access

Common Size: 6’×9.5′ or 182.9cm x 289.6cm

  • Wire diameter: 3.5mm or 3.0mm
  • Mesh size: 50 x 100 mm
  • Frame pipe: 25 x 25 x1.2 mm
  • Middle brace: 20 x 20 x 1.0 mm
  • Feet block: 100 x 863 x 7 mm
  • Finish: hot dipped galvanized and powder coated
  • Inner gate: 43”
a picture of green powder coated temporary fence gate

10. Secure Portable Fence Panels Features

 √  Flexibility and versatility portable fences
 √  Designed to last
 √  High galvanized and powder coated colors no rust run-off and anti-corrosion
 √  Lightweight panels, easy to set up, move, and tear down
 √  Strong, durable, high-quality temporary fence systems with fittings
 √  24/7 service available
 √  Cost-effective option
 √  Easy to pile up
 √  Limit dog runs or keeping hazardous animals out of your garden
 √  Promotes safety
 √  Reduces the risk of theft
 √  Improve traffic management in road works.

11. Temporary Fence Applications

 √  Special events
 √  Construction sites
 √  Outdoor meetings
 √  Large-scale trade fairs
 √  Emergency restoration zones
 √  For improving the security of an industrial property
 √  Residential housing sites
 √  Parks & fairgrounds
 √  Sports facilities
 √  Parking lots
 √  Yards and garden spaces
 √  Landscapes
 √  Special events, concerts, and gatherings
 √  Restricted work areas
 √  Special events
 √  Stampede Breakfasts
 √  Commercial Construction Sites
 √  Residential Construction Sites
 √  Road Repairs
 √  Fire Damaged Buildings

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