FRP Grating Price Australia For Stairs, Floors & Walkway

FRP Grating For Stairs, Floors & Walkway

1. What is the FRP Grating Price Australia

The FRP Grating price australia is also named fibergrate grating, frp flooring, frp decking, fiberglass grating or frp stair treads, frp grating with chequered plate, fiberglass frp grating, frp floor grating, frp moulded grating, frp grating walkway, frp decking grating, frp drain grating, frp grating panels, frp mesh grating, frp micro mesh grating, frp mini mesh grating, grating frp australia, frp pultruded grating, frp grating suppliers, grating frp australia, and frp grating mold.

The durable frp moulded grating is divided into Molded FRG Grating, Mini-Mesh FRP Grating, Pultruded FRP mesh Grating. All above 3 FRP mesh grating are made up of reinforced plastic fiberglass and resin.

Our FRP molded grating is designed for durability, with layers interwoven and fully saturated in resin. Available in thicknesses of 25mm, 38mm, and 40mm, it supports heavy truck passage. It is so popular in Australia, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Perth, Singapore, etc.

When high demands of non-slip, such as in oil deck, stair treads, the sand cover for molded gratings are necessary. And micro-hole fibreglass gratings are used in maintaining plants or machines to keep the tools from falling. The standard panel size of FRP Molded Grating is 1220 * 3600 mm, 1220 * 4040 mm or customized with ending cover or not.

We offer a wide range of FRP product sizes, including 1220×4000mm, 1220×3660mm, 1220×2440mm, 915×3050mm, as well as 4’x8′, 4’x12′, and 3’x10′. Custom sizes are also available to meet specific support, span, tube, and channel requirements.

green molded grating. yellow molded grating with checker plate, grey molded grating with mini mesh, yellow frp grating
Mini Mesh, Checker Plate & Sand Cover

2. How To Find Good Quality Of FRP Molded Grating Before Order

The price of FRP molded grating varies with the type of resin used (Isophthalic Polyester, Vinyl Ester, or Phenolic), tailored to meet your construction site and project specifications.

Resin Systems For FRP Molded Grating
Resin TypeResin BaseDescriptionCorrosion
Flame Spread Rating
Available colorsMax. Oper.
Type VEFR-20Vinyl EsterSuperior Corrosion Resistance and Fire RetardantExcellentClass 1, 20 or lessDark Gray, Orange230oF
Type IFR-25Isophthalic PolyesterIndustrial Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire RetardantVery GoodClass 1, 25 or lessDark Gray, Green221oF
Type FG-20Isophthalic PolyesterFood Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire RetardantVery GoodClass 1, 20 or lessLight Gray, Light Green221oF
Type CFR-25Orthophthalic PolyesterModerate Corrosion Resistance and Fire RetardantModerateClass 1, 25 or lessGreen Yellow Light Gray212oF
Type MP-4PhenolicLow Smoke and Superior Fire ResistanceVery GoodClass 1, 5, or lessReddish-Brown356oF
Type IFR-10Isophthalic PolyesterIndustrial Grade Corrosion Resistance and Extra Fire RetardantVery GoodClass 1, 10 or lessCustom221oF

3. How To Produce FRP Molded Grating, You should Know

Molded grating is produced by continuous glass strands encased and saturated in resin 5-6 times completed.

Then pulled through a heated mold to cure the material, after a while, carry out the grating panel from the mold.

Finally cut into pieces as customers’ request. Also, the mold grating can add a sand cover and checker plate to reinforce the strength and anti-slip.

molded frp grating is produced by continuous glass strands encased and saturated in resin 5-6 times completed, then heat the mould to cure the material
FRP Grating Manufacturers

4. Fibreglass Grating Dimensions For You

Model (mm)Molded Grating Sizes (mm)Molded Grating Weight (kg/m2)
moulded grating concave , smooth, gritted surface

Note: Mini Mesh FRP Molded Grating

Mini mesh fibreglass walkway mesh is used in maintaining plants or machines, pools to keep the tools from falling. With its 1/2”, 1” and 1-1/2” small hole, with UV resistance no fade color.

a pictures of yellow frp mini mesh
Mini Mesh Molded Grating

5. FRP Molded Grating Colors For You

FRP Molded Grating can be customized in various colors according to customer preferences, with popular options including green (for lawns), yellow and red (for car wash rooms), blue, and gray (for walkway floors). Because of well-integrated colorants and polyester resin, colors will last longer and not fade in a terrible environment.

6. FRP Molded Grating Clips

The clips of FRP Molded Grating are usually made of steel or stainless steel 202, 304, 316 material. It is designed into M and C types, with 1.5mm plate wall thick, 15mm height.

7. FRP Molded Grating Features

  • Isophthalic Polyester Resin – Corrosion Resistance In  -50~90 °C salts and inorganic acid and corrosive environments
  • Vinyl Ester Resin is – Anti Acidsin -50~110° terrible environments, corrosion resistance
  • Phenolic Resin – Fire retardant with a grade 1 level 25 to ASTM E84 Standard
  • Insulation electric zone for people safety
  • A glossy surface self-cleaning, and uniform load-supporting
  • The concave surface makes the FRP grating have anti-slip
  • 1/4 lightweight compared with the same size of steel grating
  • 35% resin and 65% glass fiber scientific ratio reinforce the grating Bi-directional Strength
  • Mesh configurations
  • High-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Conductive nonmagnetic
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Slip resistance

8. FRP Molded Grating Wide Range

FRP Molded Grating is versatile and ideal for various applications, including water and sewage treatment plants, electroplating and chemical plants, stair treads, oil platforms, textile and power plants, marine and food processing facilities, car washrooms, meat processing plants, and fiberglass fences.

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