Flat Top Tubular Steel Pickets Home Security

Galvanized and Powder Coated Steel Pickets

1. Specifications of Steel Pickets

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  1.  Steel Pickets Material: Q195 Q235 galvanized low carbon steel wire.
  2.  Welding: Experted welding workers ensure that every joint point is welded well and beautifully. 
  3. Surface treatment: The powder comes from world-famous brand Akzo Nobel and Dupont; phosphatization surface makes powder cling well to pipes.
  4. Inspection: We inspect the fence in every production process. If a fence is found not meet standard, we will improve it or change it for another. 
a picture of black metal picket fence
Powder Coated Steel Picket Fence
Fence Style Steel Fence, Wrought Iron Fence
Steel Pickets Panel size (mm) 2400L x 2100H, 2100L x 1800H, 1800L x 1500H, 2400L x 2400H, etc.
Rail size (mm) 40 x 40, 30 x30, 40 x 30, etc.
Picket Size (mm) 19 x 19, 20 x 20, 25 x 25, etc.
Post size (mm) 60 x 60, 50 x 50, 65 x 65, 80 x 80, etc.
Top point Flat top
Accessories Bolts & nuts, screws
Per finished Pre-galvanized
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized + powder coated
Gates to Match
Manual sliding gates
Remote controlled electric sliding gates
Conventional swinging gates

2. Steel Pickets Quality Control

We believe it is important that determines success or failure, so we select good quality material all the time, and do well in every details in production process.
Production process: Pre galvanized iron pipe — cut the pipes into required length — punching hole — weld — polish — powder coating — inspection
Producing capacity: About 8000 pieces per month.

Star picket caps bunnings to be welded onto the post.

Please be assured with the safety of your steel pickets because we provides product inspection service. This inspection carried out from production to packaging then to shipment, and aims to ensure that your fences be safe and intact till you accept them.

The quality testing of steel pickets bunnings

Our steel pickets are made of Q195 Q235 steel pipe material, and the surface treatment is galvanized, powder coated or PVC coated, according to customer’s request. The brand of powder we use is Akzo Nobel or Dupont.

Surface TreatmentMinMax
Hot dipped galvanization450g/m2650g/m2
Powder coating60μm120μm
PVC Coating450μm650μm
metal picket surface treatment

3. Features Of Steel Pickets

Features: It’s easy to install, and has great resistance of rust and corrosion; Steel pickets can also extend decades of service life with low maintenance cost.

The feature of galvanised star pickets bunnings
The advantage of steel star pickets bunnings
other colors of metal picket gate

4. Applications Of Steel Pickets

Wholesale Steel fence broad range of fence grades, heights, and designs provide all of the options needed to enclose or define any area, parks, recreation area, building perimeter security, parking lot borders, law enforcement security enclosures, equipment, storage yard fences,roadside, pathway boundary perimeters, athletic field enclosures, swimming pool enclosures, and so on.
Our welded steel fences are suitable not only for residential users but also for commercial applications such as retail businesses, storage facilities, schools, golf courses and recreational parks. 

metal picket fence panels around a house
steel fencing pickets around a house
steel pickets around the villa
metal picket fence around school
The pool fence keeps pool safety
steel picket fence installed a kindergarden

5. Packing Of Steel Pickets

  1. Fence panel : Air bubble flim+wood/metal pallet
  2. Fence post : every post pack with a plastic film bag(the cap is covered well on the post)+pallet
  3. Fence accessories: Carton
pickets metal are packed with plastic film
picket fence steel packed in plastic film in wooden case
The workers put black steel picket fence on the wooden case
The packing of galvanised steel pickets
The forklift carried star picket into container
fence pickets metal with packing in the container

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And we have over 5 product experts with over 5 years of experience designing, they can be your sturdy backbone.

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