AU & NZ Temporary Fencing For Sale Construction Sites

Temporary Fencing For Sale Construction Sites

Manufacturer in China Since 2009

High Quality Temporary Fencing For Sale | 15+ Years Experience

Temporary fencing is made of welded mesh panel, plastic base and clamp. There are 10 welding platforms and 1 plastic feet machine in our factory. Our goal is to provide products of higher quality at very competitive price.

Galvanized temporary construction fence panels stands with two orange plastic feet

Panels Without Inner Brace

a drawing of temporary fence with infilled cross brace, installed with two orange plastci feet

Panels With Inner Vertical Brace

galvanized temporary fence welded with both brace infilled and installed with orange feet

Panels With Both Braces

1. What can we do for the high quality of Australian standard temporary fencing for sale

The workers are welding the temporary fence panel in our workshop


360° Full Hand Welded Joins Of Temporary Fence Panels. The infilled wire mesh panels are welded to the frame tube for both sides , making the strong anti-wind.

a picture of temporary fence panels' horizontal flatten rail welded with vertical tube


Flatten Horizontal Tube Ending Of Portable Fencing. In order to load more,  There are 550 sets/1×40’HC of temporary metal fence panels, plastic feet, and steel clamps .

The 32mm frame tube for temporary fence feet


The material of the tube is 32 mm, and 2.0 mm wall thickness, but Minus 1.2 mm in China standard. Also tube OD can be 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 48mm,etc.

temporary fence panels wire diameter testing 4.0mm

Inner Wire Mesh

Anti Climb Wire Diameter and Mesh Size Allowance Nominal Size. The wire diameter of temporary security fence panels make 2.5-4.0mm. Also, the mesh size is 60 x 150 mm.

Frame tube of temporary fence panels hot dipped galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanised

Hot dipped galvanised for durability Of Temporary Construction Fence. The panels are welded before hot-dipped galvanized, which can match up to 60 microns galvanizing, more than AS 4687-2007.

a picture showing the work is painting the temporary fence panel


Galvanized before silver painting. Pre-galvanized tube and anti-climb mesh welded after galvanized, then painting the whole temporary fence panels, measuring 18 – 24 microns.

temporary fence panels strong welding points

Panel No Burs

 Temporary Fence Panels No Burrs And Spikes. In order to protect the workers from injuries, The portable panels for sale should be polished after being galvanized and welding.

all types of temporary fence feet

Fence Blocks

 The temp fence panels are commonly equipped with plastic bases/feet. It comes with a 5 year UV and anti-aging guarantee to accommodate the Australian climate.

orange powder coated temporary fence clamps and galvanized sets installed with bolts and nuts

Steel Clamps

Australian Standards Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Clamps. Our clamps are made of carbon steel, meeting A.S. 4687-2007.

Temporary Fence Stay Type 2


1.5m  or 1.8m height fence stays, Hot Dipped Galvanized Bracing. 60 microns galvanizing amount more than Australian standard.

1.5m temporary fence gate installed with panels by a worker

Fence Gate

Australian Standard Pedestrian Gates can be installed in the line of temporary fencing, height 2.1m or as your request, width 1.5m or double swing.

temporary fence panels packed on the steel pallets

Shade & Handrail

The Shade Cloth, Handrail, Barbed Wire, Advertising Site Safety Signs Banner Attached Before Shipping, all are Australian standard.

2. What is the better China supplier for temporary fence

temporary fence feet producing machine with products in our factory
Injection molding temporary fence feet filled with concrete
the stocks of temporary fence panels with feet
The temporary fence feet on the pallet are loaded into container
temporary fence panels installed with feet, bracing and clamps by our workers
Green powder coated temporary fence panels installed with orange feet and green clamps in our workshop
temporary fence clamps packed in cartoon
A plastic logo brand tied on temporary fence panels
Orange temporary fence panels
Galvanized temporary fence panels packed in steel pallet with steel belts

3. Wherever your construction site is, our temporary fencing have been prepared for you

 √  Commercial & Industrial Construction Building Sites

 √  Residential Housing Sites

 √  Visual Barrier

 √  Building Site

 √  Secure Public Safety

 √  Sporting Events

 √  Road Works

 √  Prevention from the work site

 √  Tree Protection Site

 √  Temporary Pet Fence

 √  Major public events, concerts, festivals, gatherings, Crowd Control, Exhibitions,  and more…

Portable Temporary Fencing Tech

Factory View

Temporary fencing installed with feet and clamps behind garden yard
two temporary fence panels installed with feet and clamps in front of house
Green powder coated temporary fence panels installed with orange feet and green clamps in our workshop
temporary fence panels used in the parking lot with feet and clamps

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