Galvanised Round Post Cap 80NB

Galvanised or Galvabond Round End post end caps 80NB/90mm O.D. x 22mm

The 80NB round post cap is so popular in Australia and America when install round post project with fence, especially the 6 internal notches around the caps to suit the different 80NB standarded post, approximately 88.9mm outside diameter.

This 80NB round post cap is made up of low carbon steel plate 2.0mm wall thick, cut the exact round steel plate by machine, then go through by deep stamping and drawing process to form the products, and hot dipped galvanised 500-600g/sq.m, finally polishing and Zinc supplementation.

Because of the high quality and better prices advantages, our 80NB round post cap are selling well.

a picture of galvanized round post cap 80NB
Galvabond Round Post Cap 80NB

Galvabond Round Post Cap 80NB Features

√  High Tensile Strength as well as anti-rust no less than 10 years

√  Keep the Rain and other small things out of the inner post

√  Standard Weight of 221g

√  Packed 50pcs in Carton

√  Choose an option, 20NB, 25NB, 32NB, 40NB, 50NB, 65NB, 80NB, 90NB, 100NB, 125NB, 150NB. Finish. Choose an option, Galvanised,

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