RT38 Round Top Panel - Temporary Heras Fencing For Construction Sites

Galvanised RT38 Round Top Panel

RT38 Round Top Panel is also called RT38 Standard Temporary Fence Panel, RT38 Anticlimb 3V Temporary Fence Panel, which is so popular in UK and Cyprus. As a temporary security crowd control against theft and hazards , Our RT38 Temporary fence panels are the high quality as    standard. The 3450 x 2000mm RT38 Panels has low carbon steel high strength for the horizontal and vertical frame tube 38mm O.D, and inner Anticlimb mesh 3.2mmgalvanised welded wire with 250mm x 50.8mm, 100x262mm and 43 x 262mm mesh size. All RT38 Fence panel is full welded after pre-galvanised, then painting silver color, or black tube and wire mesh welded together firstly, then the whole panel hot dipped galvanised for longer usage, 10-15 years.

Heras fence panels are easier to install with the couplers and rubber fencing feet, which protect the constriction site, farm house, sports event to be safe.

Two bottom rounded reinforced Corner plates are welded to anti strong winds and protect Round Top panels.

a picture of rt38 temporary fence panel with rubber feet
RT38 Tempoary Fence Panels

Temporary Fence Panels, Rubber Feet, Hot Dipped Galvanised Couplers

1. RT38 Tempoary Fence Panels BS EN 10244-2 Standard

The RT38 Tempoary fence panels consists of BS EN 10244-2 Standard, Euro and Anticlimb panels with the options of horizontal and vertical center tubes. The pre-galvanised finishing keeps the panels not rust at a time.

FrameOld nameInner Wire Mesh PanelDimension/mmWeight/kgsFinishFeature

RT38 Standard

/Vertical Pitch: 100mm3450x2000x4013.4Pre-GalvanisedStandard
Vertical Wire Diameter: Ø2.2
Horizontal Pitch: 262mm
Horizontal Wire Diameter: Ø3.2
RT38 Standard 3V/Same as RT38 Standard3450x2000x4015Pre-GalvanisedCenter Vertical Bar 38mm or 25.4mm
RT38 Standard 3H/Same as RT38 Anticlimb3450x2000x4016.5Pre-GalvanisedCenter Vertical Bar 38mm or 25.4mm
RT38 EuroPrzesło Round Top StdVertical Pitch: 100mm3450x2000x4015.4Pre-GalvanisedStandard
Vertical Wire Diameter: Ø3.2
Horizontal Pitch: 262mm
Horizontal Wire Diameter: Ø3.2
RT38 Euro 3VPrzesło Round Top Std (pionowa)Same as RT38 Euro3450x2000x4017Pre-GalvanisedCenter Vertical Bar 38mm or 25.4mm
RT38 Euro 3HPrzesło Round Top Std (pozioma)Same as RT38 Euro3450x2000x4018.4Pre-GalvanisedCenter Vertical Bar 38mm or 25.4mm
RT38 AnticlimbPrzesło Round Top AnticlimbVertical Pitch: 43mm;3450x2000x4015.9Pre-GalvanisedStandard
Vertical Wire Diameter: Ø2.2
Horizontal Pitch: 262mm
Horizontal Wire Diameter: Ø3.2
RT38 Anticlimb 3VPrzesło Round Top (pionowa) AnticlimbSame as RT38 Anticlimb3450x2000x4017.5Pre-GalvanisedCenter Vertical Bar 38mm or 25.4mm
RT38 Anticlimb 3HPrzesło Round Top (pozioma) AnticlimbSame as RT38 Anticlimb3450x2000x4019Pre-GalvanisedCenter Vertical Bar 38mm or 25.4mm

 √  There is another temporary fencing used on construction sites widely, which is called Heras Trade Fence Panels. The inner mesh wires of Heras Trade Fence Panels are welded onto the frame tube at every third welded point. So this type is heras fence panels are a little lighter but economical.

 √  Heavy Duty Round Top Anti-climb panel is the strongest panel within RT38 Ranges. Because it’s 3.2mm wire diameter and 43 x 262mm narrow anti-climb mesh size, it can improve the wind loading rating and protect the party or home maximum.

 √  Rubber feet or HDPE feet for your choices.

 √  Hot dipped galvanized couplers to attach the temporary mesh fence together: The same spacing as the feet.

 √  After marking a boundary, Heras’ metal mesh fencing panels can prevent crime and protect critical assets with its strong metal material and anti-climb mesh. These security fencings help your business, industries, and communities to be quite safe for ev ent management and restricted access boundaries.

2. Key features Of RT38 Round Top Panels

 √  Anti-Climb Mesh Fence Panel
 √  Fully Pushing welding way as industry-standard weather resistance
 √  Durable than square top panels, & with re-enforced corner brackets.
 √  Rapid deployment, installation, and repositioning
 √  Roundtop strengthened corners to the anti-climb mesh panel
 √  Easy to customize with logos and banners
 √  Relatively lightweight for easy transportation, stacking, and storage
 √  Rubber feet or HDPE feet High Visibility with a durable UV stabilized with the temporary fence panel
 √  Lighter-weight panels or heavy-duty temporary fence panels alternatives
 √  Temporary Heras Fencing can withstand wind speeds up to 100mph

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