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Welcome to DB Fencing, your premier source for top-tier galvanized fence fittings. As a leading manufacturer based in China, we bring unmatched expertise and a steadfast commitment to delivering superior fitting solutions.

Established in 2009, DB Fencing boasts a rich history as a trusted exporter of galvanized pipe fence fittings worldwide, notably in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and beyond. Our clientele, including wholesalers, builders, and construction companies, relies on our exceptional products. Operating with 10 CNC machine platforms and a skilled team of 50-75 professionals, we proudly stand among the top 5 fencing product manufacturers in China. Choose DB Fencing for excellence that transcends borders!

You should know before buying

DB Fencing is an exporter, manufacturer and wholesaler of a range of Mulity-Purpose fittings.

Supplying a wide range of Australia galvanised fence fittings at great prices, with standard quality.

The Muliti-Purpose fittings are used in all sorts of applications for rural, residential, commercial and industrial fencing and related structures.

Our galvanised fence fittings includes

Tee fittings, Pipe connectors, Post caps and end cap, Gate latches and strikers, Gate hinges, Flanges & hinge straps, Farm / field gate hinge packs, slam latch, Multi-Purpose Ring, Multi-Purpose Clamp, etc.

All the accessories are modulated by CNC machine stamping, the thickness of the plate is in line with Australian standards and daily general use, hot galvanised finishing makes the accessories more durable, corrosion resistance, service life of up to 20-25 years. Also, the Muliti-Puprose fittings can be galvanised and powder coated colors what you need.

Our product prices are the lowest in the industry of equivalent fittings suppliers in Australia.

Usually we Ship goods from tianjin or QingTao Port to Australia and New Zealand within 30-40 days voyages. Our customers includes construction contractors, wholesalers, projects in AU and NZ.

Unit conversion of pipe diameter

20NB = 26.9mm OD25NB = 33.7mm OD32NB = 42.4mm OD40NB = 48.3mm OD
50NB = 60.3mm OD65NB = 76.1mm OD80NB = 88.9mm OD100NB = 114.3mm OD

Why customers should opt for DB Fencing:

Factory-Made Directly, No Middle-Man

1. Premium Galvanized Finish

Elevate longevity with our high-quality galvanized finish (600g/sq.m), exceeding AS4680 standards for extended product life.

2. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Experience superior performance with a secondary corrosion coating, ensuring prolonged durability beyond conventional measures.

3. Screws Built to Last

Count on hot-dipped screws for superior corrosion resistance and an extended lifespan, offering reliability in challenging conditions.

4. Certified Safety and Durability

Rigorously tested and certified to meet AS1657 standards, our products form a crucial part of hand and safety rail & barrier systems. Choose excellence for lasting protection.

Tee Fitting

Engineered from high-quality mild steel Stamping and hot dipped galvanised to perfection, our Tee Fittings redefine T-joint connections. Also known as rail bands, pipe clamps, T clamps or panel clamps, these fittings boast pre-drilled holes for effortless installation.
It is used with Garden Fence, Sport Fence, Farm Fence, Trellis & Gates, security fence, Fence Accessories, Fence Hardware, Fence Posts, chain link fence, and Greenhouses Shelf Pole.

  • Achieve 90-degree angles effortlessly.
  • Explore sizes and configurations.
  • Elevate aesthetics with optional powder-coated colors.
  • Simplify Connect. 
    The chain link fence fittings are packed with plastic woven bag & carton, usually 25pc per carton.
    Choose durability, choose precision. Elevate your fencing projects with our Tee Fittings – where quality meets simplicity. Secure connections, swift setup – redefine your chain link fence experience with us!
Adjustable and fixed angle Tees – Galvanised – used for connecting through and and butt pipes. Quick and easy to use and assemble fences and other structures.
AT5032 50NB 32NB 0.63 67 112 70
AAT5032 50NB 32NB 1 82 50 90
AAT8032 80NB 32NB 1.8 82 50 106
ART2532 25NB (rail) 32NB (post) 0.8 79 46 46
ART2540 25NB (rail) 40NB (post) 1.1 87 55 46

Adjustable & Fixed Angle Tee Fittings

Elevate Your Fencing Projects with Our Galvanized Angle Tee Fittings!

Discover precision in every connection with our Galvanized Angle Tee Fittings. Ideal for securing stays to fence posts, these fittings come in various sizes, enabling seamless 90-degree angles for through and butt pipes.

Our Adjustable Tees offer a 120-degree rotation, allowing connections at any angle. For a fixed 60-degree angle, choose our Fixed Angle Tee. Explore more options beyond our website – call for pricing on unique through and butt pipe combinations.

Customize your project with powder-coated colors (special order, minimum orders and charges apply). Simplify product codes based on the NB pipe convention.

Unleash fencing excellence with our Galvanized Angle Tee Fittings – where precision meets adaptability. Call us now to elevate your project to new heights!

Galvanised Cross Tee Fittings

Upgrade Your Projects with Precision: Galvanized Cross Fittings!
Seamless 90-degree connections for through and butt pipes. Explore sizes and configurations with ease, guided by our NB pipe convention product codes.
Simplify. Upgrade. Connect with precision using our Galvanized Cross Fittings.
Uncover a vast selection beyond our website. Dial in for pricing on unique through and butt pipe combinations. Elevate your project with options tailored to your needs.
Customize with Ease: Powder-coated colors available by special order. Call for pricing and availability. Your unique vision, our tailored solutions. Connect with us today!

X2525 25NB 25NB 0.36 121 46 35
X2532 25NB 32NB 0.5 147 50 38
X2540 25NB 40NB 0.47 163 48 42
X2550 25NB 50NB 0.72 174 65 39
X3232 32NB 32NB 0.63 143 57 37
X3240 32NB 40NB 0.73 165 60 41
X3250 32NB 50NB 0.8 180 67 47
  • GH = Gate hinges
  • TH = Two part gate hinges

Gate Hinges

GH3220 32NB 20NB 0.43 117 54 38 39
GH4020 40NB 20NB 0.43 123 57 41 39
GH3225 32NB 25NB 0.45 124 57 38 39
GH5025 50NB 25NB 0.5 136 63 47 39
TH4032 40NB 32NB 0.63 159 66 40
TH5032 50NB 32NB 0.78 172 70 40
TH8032 80NB 32NB 0.92 200 85 40

Multi-Purpose Ring

Farm Gate Hinge And Latch Kits

Post Hinge & Drop Latch

Slam Latch

Packing Of Galvanised Fence Fittings

The galvanised fence fittings are packed with plastic woven bag & carton, usually 25-40pcs per carton.

15-20 Years Quality Guarantee

At DB Fencing, we prioritize excellence, and quality is at the heart of our galvanised pipe fence fittings. Our commitment to durability is evident in our meticulous process of hot-dip galvanization or powder coating with RAL black colors, guaranteeing a resilient and long-lasting anti-rust protective coating. Elevate your security standards with our professionally crafted fencing solutions, where quality meets endurance for unparalleled performance.

Home Outdoor Decorative 3D Curved Welded Wire Mesh Garden Fence For Fence Panel

Hot Dipped Galvanized

Through our advanced Hot Dipped Galvanizing process, a robust protective layer prevents corrosion, ensuring an extended service life. Our fittings feature a minimum 300g/m2 zinc coating for unmatched longevity. Complementing this, our posts and fence fittings galvanized to BS EN 10346:2009 specifications.

Powder Coated RAL Colors

Our weather-resistant galvanized fence fittings , featuring color-customizable options, provide maximum protection against corrosion. Adhering to BS EN 13438:2005 standards, our fence fittings boast a minimum 100-micron powder coating, delivering unparalleled durability and style to your fencing needs.


We have many certificates to guarantee the quality of your products, please rest assured to buy: Choose DB Fencing, we deserve your trust! 

Certificate of our company we passed

DB Fencing Milestones

DB Fencing has developed a wire mesh fence production company with our own factory, professional sales team, experienced welding workers.

Our main market are Australia, New Zealand, Noth American, and Euro.

2009 >

starts to export wire fence products

a logo of DB Fecing

2011 >

Expands Biz with foreign customers

2012 >

Invest to build the large factory facility

DB-Fencing-History- 2012

2013 >

Temp fencing products export 80%

DB-Fencing-History- 2013

2014 >

Join in Conton Fair Exhibition with our fence products

2015 >

Start to export to South Asia

DB-Fencing-History-EU market

2016 >

Aus temp fence export 95%

2017 >

Scale our sales service team

2018 >

New product chain link fence slats 

2019 >

Enter in Euro market with our fencing


Inprovement of the whole company running

Our Happy Clients!

Since our establishment, we have served customers all over the world. We cherish the reputation of our fencing products. Customer satisfaction with products and services always come first in DB fencing.

I have worked with Frank over the last 3 years. Frank is the consummate professional within our industry. In this tough economic environment, Frank leverages his experience, his breadth of knowledge, and leadership skills to continuously improve the performance of his company.
a picture of our good customer
I've done wire mesh fence business with Frank Zhang this year, he really did a better quality and services for us. Tks very much. I think we will have a larger business relationship in the future. Frank exhibits a passion for the task at hand, whether it is work, family time, or a sporting event, you get 100% devotion.
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I start to buy the temporary fence, crowd barrier from Frank, DB Fencing in 2015, and now the same do business with him. The good quality, stronger welding point, better prices and honesty on Foreign Trade make us cooperate with him longer. Good Job, Frank, we will have a bright future. Time will proof.
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Custom Galvanised Fence Fittings with Easy

At DB Fencing, We turn complex Into Simple! Follow the following 3 steps to start today!

1. Tell Us What You Need

Tell us as specific as possible of your needs, provide the drawing, reference picture and share your idea.

2. Get Solution & Quote

We will work on the best solution according to your requirements and drawing, the specific quote will be provided within 24 hours.

3. Approve for Mass Production

We will start mass production after getting your approval and deposit, and we will handle the shipment.

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