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Temporary Chain Link Fence

Manufacturer in China Since 2009

1. Why Choose our temporary chain link fence for your construction site

DB Fencing provides premium quality temporary chain link fence that is hand crafted from beginning to end. Our high security temporary fence panels are guaranteed to last 5 years. The galvanized wire is waved into fabric, tied into a steel tube frame with the horizontal and vertical braces to support strongly, then galvanized spraying paint on the welded point. Fasten the chain link fence panel with the saddle clamp and fix with the stands finally to protect what you want.

If need higher security, you can add options like windscreens, top rails, barbed wires and tension wires. Temporary fence panels can be layout by 6ft height, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft length, with horizontal and vertical brace, also supported by a stand.

A drawing of temporary chain link fence installed with orange oval stands
Temporary Chain Link Fence With Stands

Temporary Chain Link Fence Tech

Temporary chain link fence with vertical brace

Fence With Vertical Brace

Temporary chain link fence with horizontal brace

Fence With Horizontal Brace

Temporary chain link fence with both braces

Fence With Both Braces

2. What is a good quality of temporary chain link fence for sale


√  360° Fully Welded Tubular Frame for the joints Cover

Wire Diameter

√  The Wire Diameter Of fabric usually is #9, #10.5, #11


√  Galvanized 60 Or 28 Microns To Anti- Corrosion For Fabric And Frame Tube


√  Installs On Any Surface Including Ground, Asphalt Or Concretey


√  Astm A392-06 Standard Minimize The Amount Of Corrosion

Anti-Rust Painting

√  The Welding Corner Joints Are Galvanized Sprayed Painting To Cover Any Exposed Metal


√  Galvanized or powder coating Saddle Clamps, Nuts, Bolts Used To Attach Panels Together

Free Standing

√  High-Quality temporary Fence Panels Are Free-Standing, No Drilling Post Hole Is Required


√  Single/Double Swing Gate, and Heavy Duty Sliding Fence Gate In Construction Sites


√  Chain Link Fence Panels Easy Set-Up And Tear-Down To Save You Time And Money

Two workers twine the wire to the chain link mesh on the Frame Tube
Twine Processing For Fence
Full welding points for brace and vertical frame tube in our workshop
Full Welding For Frame Tube
Full welding points for both supports of temporary chain link fence in our work site
Full Welding For Both Brace
temporary chain link fence panel frame tube high galvanizing
Fence Frame Tube Galvanizing
A hand points up the baebed wire at top of chain link fence
Barbed Wire On Fence
the steel clamps connected two temporary chain link fences
Steel Clamps
orange color oval stands connecting two temporary chain link fence panels
Orange Stands
Temporary chain link fence installed with stands and clamps in our workshop
Fence In Work Site
Temporary chain link fence installed on the parking lot
Fence On The Parking
a double swing gate for chain link fence
Double Swing Gate
the sliding temporary chain link fence gate at company door
Sliding Fence Gate
Temporary chain link fence and stands loading into container
Temporary Chain Link Fence Loading

3. What is the better China supplier for temporary chain link fence

√  Competitive panel fencing prices

√  Durable galvanized steel that minimizes customer liability damage risk

√  Supply Large Production Of Galvanized Steel Chain Link. 10 welding platforms support temporary fence panels.

√  Good Quality Painting Corner Joints. Using the high brand painting material to make the panel better anti-rust.

√  Clear The Whole Fence Frame. After the tie, the fabric to the frame, polish the cutting pipe ends to protect the worker from injuries.

√  Efficiency Work Arrangement. With one call or email, we can advise the exact height and length, also the accessories ( Screen, Barbed Wire, Gate, Tension Bar, and Tension Band), and then the expert 3D Drawing for your job site.

√  Long History of Temporary Chain Link Fence Producing Experiences.

√  Professional Fence Welding Workers Since 2009.

√  Packing For Shipping. The 120 pieces panels are packed in a steel pallet, steel stands packed by plastic belt, and 100 sets of steel clamps in cartons.

4. Wherever your construction site is, our temporary chain link fence has been prepared for you

Temporary Chain Link Fence Panel provides a sturdy and reliable barrier for many job site applications and provides a cost-effective solution to ensure your job site well protected.

  • Commercial & Resident Hosing Construction
  • Rebuild Projects
  • Highway Projects
  • Tree Protection
  • Pool Protection
  • Crash Barrier, Rroad Barrier, Guide Rail, Portable Fencing


temporary chain link fence with black screen
TCLF-001 Fence Installed For Building Protection
temporary chain link fence used around pool
TCLF-002 Fence Installed For Pool Protection
temporary chain link fence installed out of factory
TCLF-003 Fence Installed For Factory Barrier
Temporary chain link fence insalled around garden
TCLF-004 Fence Installed For Garden Guide Rail
Temporary chain link fence installed around the sports
TCLF-005 Fence Installed For School Sports
galvanized temporary chain link fence installed in our workshop
TCLF-006 Fence Installed For Workshop Barrier
temporary chain link fence installed with flat stee stands
TCLF-007 Fence Istalled For Portable Barrier
Temporary chain link fence installed around parking lot
TCLF-008 Fence Istalled For Parking Lot Road
temporary chain link fence used for barrier
TCLF-009 Fence Installed Around Construction Site
galvanized temporary chain link fence for truck safety
TCLF-010 Fence Installed For Material Protection


We have many certificates to guarantee the quality of your products, please rest assured to buy: Choose DB Fencing, we deserve your trust! 

Certificate of our company we passed

DB Fencing Milestones

DB Fencing has developed a wire mesh fence production company with our own factory, professional sales team, experienced welding workers.

Our main market are Australia, New Zealand, Noth American, and Euro.

2009 >

starts to export wire fence products

a logo of DB Fecing

2011 >

Expands Biz with foreign customers

2012 >

Invest to build the large factory facility

DB-Fencing-History- 2012

2013 >

Temp fencing products export 80%

DB-Fencing-History- 2013

2014 >

Join in Conton Fair Exhibition with our fence products

2015 >

Start to export to South Asia

DB-Fencing-History-EU market

2016 >

Aus temp fence export 95%

2017 >

Scale our sales service team

2018 >

New product chain link fence slats 

2019 >

Enter in Euro market with our fencing


Inprovement of the whole company running

Why Choose DB Fencing

In DB Fencing, we won’t stop to ask ourself the questions like, “why should our customer choose us?”, “What value can we provide to those customers who choose DB Fencing”, “What differs us from others?”… We listed some hints we got from the years experience of corporation with our fencing customers.

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Fence Panel surface-treated well in order to no hurt to workers


Our materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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We support any form of OEM customization requirements

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And we have over 5 product experts with over 5 years of experience designing, they can be your sturdy backbone.

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