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1. What is Steel Picket Fence

The high security galvanized and black powder-coated tubular steel picket fence is used to protect residential and commercial area safety from unauthorized access.

It is also called garrison fence panels, wrought iron fence, steel picket fencing Adelaide, steel picket fence panels, galvanized steel picket fence, ornamental fence, picket fence Perth, garrison fencing Perth, spear top fence, spear top metal fence, commercial fencing. They are popular in North America and Western Australia.

There are three top fence styles: spear top, flat top, bending 45 degrees with a spear top.

The heavy-duty steel garrison fence is made of galvanized tubular steel.

    √  Firstly, inner pickets are punched spear top, or just flatten top;

    √  Secondly, it is welded with the horizontal 2/3/4 rails, and powder coated color to anti-corrosion;

    √  Finally installed with sliding gates, post, and necessary fittings.

    √  The black raw material tube is used to weld, hot-dipped galvanized, no fade at least 5 years.

a drawing of steel picket fence with pressed spear top
Powder Coated Steel Picket Fence

Steel Picket Fence Tech

2. Garrison Fencing Features

    √  Galvanised fence panels specification 36″, 48″, 54″, 60″, 72″ Heights steel fence panels available with 2, 3 or 4 Rails,  diameter 14 gauge tubes.

 √  Flat or spear top steel tubular fencing supplies different great protection

 √ Prevention of thievery & Keep Property Safety

 Full saddle welding joints of pvc fence strength the safety

 Square tube welding design keep steel fence not easily destroy by outside

√  Hot-dip galvanizing & powder coated make it double layer resistant to corrosion 

 √  Garrison security gate and fences meet ASTM A-653 with a G90 coating 0.90 oz/ft2 and steel to have 45,000 psi (310 Mpa) yield strength

Rails of metal picket fencing manufactured per ASTM A653 / A-653M with a 50,000 psi (344 MPa) yield strength

Posts of garrison security fencing meet ASTM A-653/A653M with a G90 zinc coating

 √ Standard steel fencing packing way to protect the transport

 √ Installed & assembled easily with steel components for residential and commercial fencing

 √ Keep safe for the dog, child, and pool

 √ Used for residential, commercial, industrial, and high-security applications

Stronger and last longer than timber picket fence

 √ Fencing installed easily

3. 4 Top Types Of Garrison Fencing For Your Choices

a drawing of black powder coated spear top picket fence
a drawing of black powder coated flat top steel fence
a drawing of black extended flat top steel fence
a drawing of black powder coated Crescent style picket fence

4. Garrison Fencing Process - Making You know what is the best quality before order

5. Garrison Fencing Quality Testing Before Shipping

fence length of black powder coated steel picket fence
vertical pipe side length of steel fence
vertical pipe of steel picket fence wall thick
horizotal rail wall thick of steel fence
post wall thick of black steel fence
post width of black coated steel fence

6. Why Choose Our Garrison Fence Panels - Security Fencing Solutions

    √  No Jerry-Build: supply many specs of square tube to meet your choices

    √  International Construction Material Standard

    √  Showing every detail including welding points design, fitting size to avoid no necessary troubles

    √  Using high-quality powder-coated material: We always use the best-known world-famous powder–Akzo Nobel

    √  Competitive prices from garrison fencing company in order to the long cooperation with customers

    √  Commitment for compensation if poor quality

    √  10 welding platforms guarantee the production ability of steel fence

    √  Last 30 years

    √  Cheaper than aluminium picket fences

7. What Benefits You Can Get If Order Garrison Fence Panels

    √  100 mm picket spacing to avoid head entrapment

    √  No quality worries after buying our steel fence to use longer

    √  Reducing family, schools, or office building destroy from unauthorized access

    √  Keep public area, commercial center management better

    √  Improving aesthetics of the area site around

    √  Garrison fencing prices from direct factory

    √  Quality warranties for 3 – 5 years

    √  Professional security fencing solutions

8. Wherever Your Construction Site Is, Our Steel Fence Ship For You

The powder coat metal picket fencing is used wide range in a residential and commercial zone.
    √  School & Sports
    √  Garden, Villas house site
    √  Building Office, Medical Facilities
    √  Financial Institutions, Powder Plant, or Military Bases

commerical office steel picket fence around building
construction galvanized steel picket fence installed with post
expended spear top picket fence around the plant
steel fence installed around the house
black powder coated steel fence around packing lot
black powder coated steel fence around pool
black powder coated steel fence around the school
black steel picket fence installed in the villa house

Steel picket Fence Details

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