PVC Coated Lawn Border Wire Garden Edging Fence

Lawn Border Wire Garden Edging Fence China Supplier

Garden Edging Fence with scrolled top is the ideal barrier design used as garden border or flower beds. It is made of PVC coated wires ( horizontal double twisted wires and corrugated vertical wires ) by weaving machine. The wire diameter of woven border fence usually is 1.4mm/2.4mm ( 1.4mm thick galvanized iron wire core before PVC coated and 2.4mm after PVC coated), or 2.0mm/3.0mm ( 2.0mm thick galvanized iron wire core before PVC coated and 3.0mm after PVC coated), mesh opening 150 x 90mm standard, height 25cm, 40cm, 65cm, 90cm, 120cm, and length 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m each roll.
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Garden Wire Fence is also called border wire mesh, woven border fence, garden border wire fence, scroll top green border, woven wire garden fence, garden border fence, and ornamental woven wire fence,etc.

a unfold roll of green wire garden edging

The Details of Wire Garden Edging

Item Value
Commercial Buyer Department Stores, Super Markets
Design Style Minimalist
Place of Origin Hebei, China
Frame Material Low carbon steel Q235
Frame Finishing Powder Coated
Usage Garden Fence
Mesh size 150 x 90mm
Height 0.25m-1.2m
Length 5.0-25m
Surface treatment PVC Coated
Color Green, White, Black

Different Wire Diameter Correspond With Mesh Size, Roll Size, Weight, Roll Diameter

Specification Of Decorative Border Fence
Mesh(mm) Wire Size(mm) Length(m) Weight(kg) Roll Diameter(cm)
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 10 2.83 23
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 10 3.62 23
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 10 5.21 23
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 10 6.81 23
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 10 6.31 23
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 25 7.12 33
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 25 9.05 33
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 25 13.1 33
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 25 17.1 33
150×90 1.3/2.3-1.9/3.0 25 20.8 33

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