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The 3 rails horse fencing around a arena.

Why Horse Arena Fence?

Horse arena fencing is a specialized type of fencing designed to create safe and secure boundaries for equestrian activities. It ensures the safety of both horses and riders by providing a controlled environment for training and competitions.

At DB Fencing, we understand the importance of reliable and aesthetically pleasing fencing for horse arenas. Our UV resistant cheap white PVC horse arena fencing is designed to meet these needs, offering durability, safety, and an attractive appearance. With advancements in PVC technology, our fencing solutions provide a modern alternative to traditional wood or metal, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and applications of our superior fencing products.

Here is the updated image emphasizing the low-maintenance features of the PVC fencing.


Unlike wood, PVC will not rot, rust, warp, peel, or flake, making it a low-maintenance solution that retains its beauty for years. It is also non-toxic, termite-proof, and environmentally friendly. With PVC fencing, you’ll never need to paint it—ever!

Here is the image highlighting the exceptional UV protection and resilience of the Platinum Series PVC fencing.

UV Protection

Our Platinum Series PVC fencing provides over three times the UV protection compared to the industry standard, making it exceptionally resilient under the harshest weather conditions. This premium range is trusted by homeowners, councils, and racecourses

Here is the image showcasing the flexible PVC post and rail fencing, emphasizing its safety features and ability to withstand pressure from leaning horses.

Flexible Safety

Our flexible PVC post and rail fencing withstands pressure from leaning horses, returning to shape without harm. Its smooth, molded shape prevents injury, unlike metal or wire fencing. Additionally, PVC’s lack of taste or texture keeps it safe from animal damage.


Ideal for round yards, horse arenas, and boundary fencing, our PVC post and rail fencing is versatile and reliable. We provide shipping services across Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, West Euro or other countries in the world.

What Is Horse Arena Fence?

Close-up of a PVC horse arena fencing rail, showcasing its durable, UV-resistant construction and internal reinforcement for stability.

Material and Design

Our PVC horse arena fences provide a modern, durable rather than wood, timber, or steel. They combine wood’s aesthetic appeal with PVC’s advanced technology and longevity. The flexible nature of PVC minimizes injury risk if a horse leans or pushes against it.

Durability and Stability

Constructed from high-quality materials with UV inhibitors and impact modifiers, our PVC fences remain stable and durable under harsh sunlight. They are resistant to rot and insect damage and require no frequent painting or replacement.


Including portable dressage and permanent arenas with gates, our PVC fences come in 2, 3, or 4 rail styles. Heights typically range from 1150-1250mm. Popular arena sizes are 40 x 20m and 60 x 20m, with multiple door options.

A forklift truck tests the stress resistance of arena fencing

Color and Application

Agriculturally graded and available in white, these fences are ideal for both residential and agricultural settings. Designed for horses, cattle, and livestock, they offer a versatile and customizable solution for various equestrian needs.

Here are the realistic images showcasing the material of PVC horse fencing, highlighting its durability, low maintenance, moisture and corrosion resistance, and UV protection.


PVC horse fencing is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, as it resists moisture, corrosion, and deformation. Made from high-quality materials that meet ASTM D4226 and ASTM F964 standards, the fencing includes UV inhibitors and impact modifiers to withstand harsh sunlight. This makes PVC horse fencing an economical and practical choice for long-term use. Additionally, Equine Solutions offers comprehensive customer service, support, and after-sales service, ensuring continuous assistance and access to spare parts.

The Size Of Horse Arena Fencing

Our horse arena fencing can be customised to any size and scope. Standard dressage arena sizes include 40 x 20 meters and 60 x 20 meters. We can provide similar-sized PVC or Aluminium gates to suit. PVC rail finished heights are generally between 1150mm and 1400mm. This height creates a great compromise between visibility and safety. Ours are 152mm by 50mm – much improved for strength retention – but designed to give way eventually under excessive loads, with the minimum risk of damage or injury to the horse. Finishes run between 1150mm to 1250mm as the permanent arena choice, with that flexibility adding to the design of any given arena. This extends, also to the placement and size of gates with numerous different single-spans (2.4 to 3 meters) or double if required. Other features include 2 mm wall thickness and incorporating internal ribs for stability, plus notches for secure fitting to posts. The 127 x 127mm square columns with 3.8mm thick walls come with pre-wiring holes for easy installation and can be tailored to most height requirements.

RailsSizePostRail thickness
2 Rails FenceH1750*W2440mm 96″(2440mm)127 x 127 x 3.8mm38 x 140 x 2.2mm
3 Rails FenceH1350*W2440mm 96″(2440mm)127 x 127 x 3.8mm38 x 140 x 2.2mm
3 Rails FenceH1400*W2338mm 92″(2338mm)127 x 127 x 3.8mm38 x 140 x 2.2mm
4 Rails FenceH1750*W2440mm 96″(2440mm)127 x 127 x 3.8mm38 x 140 x 2.2mm
NoteCustomize specifications according to your requirement.
Posts, post caps, corner post, and rails are included with purchase of PVC.
Other color options are available in white, tan,khaki, gray, or black.
A white PVC fence with two horizontal rails, installed around a neatly maintained lawn in a residential neighborhood. The fence provides a clean, modern look and enhances the property's curb appeal.
A white PVC fence with three horizontal rails surrounding a horse riding arena. A young rider on horseback is accompanied by an instructor, while other riders and horses are visible in the background. The arena is set against a backdrop of a partly cloudy sky and open landscape.
A white PVC fence with four horizontal rails enclosing a pasture where horses are standing. The fence provides a secure and visible boundary, while the green grass and trees in the background create a serene environment for the horses.

The gates can centrally be placed either at one or both ends, and their placement is flexible. An option is fitting a sizeable single-span gate ranging from 2.4 to 3 meters, whereas, on request, one can get double gates.

Affordable PVC horse arena fencing with a double gate, showcasing durable and cost-effective equestrian enclosure solutions.
Gate hardware for dressage arena fencing, including hinges, latches, drop rods, and aluminum reinforcements for secure and reliable equestrian enclosures.

Different post caps can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, adding elegance and distinction. The flat cap is the preferred option, followed by the England cap and Gothic cap. For an added touch of brilliance, consider incorporating solar caps into your fencing design.

Replacement of rails is equally easy since new ones are slotted in quickly, and replacement of a single post is easy since the process of replacing is easy. Replacing them will not involve welding, as when replacing steel posts, and does not require the skills of a good carpenter.

A white PVC arena fencing with two horizontal rails, installed along the perimeter of a grassy field. The fencing provides a sturdy and visually appealing boundary suitable for horse arenas or other enclosures.
Here is the highly realistic and clear image of white PVC horse arena fencing, highlighting its advantages.

The Advantages of Using PVC Horse Fence Panels

  •  No Rusting − Plant your flowers and trees as close to the fence as you like.
    * Noise Reduction − PVC fencing assists in reducing noise thanks to internal air pockets.
  • Easy to Maintain − Stains clean off the surface easily with a sponge and water.
  • Longer Lasting − Unlike timber, PVC fencing will never rot, warp, peel or flake and is impervious to termites.
  1. Ease of Installation;
  2. Material Properties: Shatter-proof,  withstand physical impact without damage, Enhanced with titanium dioxide additives for UV protection;
  3. Low Maintenance, Never Needs Painting or Staining,  No Rusting, No Insect Damage;
  4. Safe for Horses and Livestock,  Not Splinter or Shear Off: Avoids creating sharp edges;
  5. Versatile Usage: Suitable for various settings including equine properties, entrances, driveways, suburban homes, farms, and agricultural locations;
  6. ECO Friendly;
  7. Cost-effective, Longer Lasting;
  8. Adjustable Rails: Rails can be adjusted to fit specific requirements;
  9. Noise Reduction, Rodent Proof.


Stacks of packaged PVC horse arena fencing materials wrapped in plastic, ready for shipment. The bundles are organized on wooden pallets and stored in an outdoor area, showcasing the neatly packed and prepared fencing components.


Stacks of packaged PVC horse arena fencing materials wrapped in plastic, ready for shipment. The bundles are organized on wooden pallets and stored in an outdoor area.


The fencing components are wrapped in plastic and organized in various layers, showcasing the efficient use of space for transportation.

A shipping container filled with neatly stacked and packaged PVC horse arena fencing materials. The fencing components are wrapped in plastic and organized in various layers, showcasing the efficient use of space for transportation. The container is ready for shipment, highlighting the well-prepared and protected fencing products.


Wherever your arena is, our PVC horse fencings have been prepared for you

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