90 Degree 2-3/8" Steel To Wood Fence Bracket

The 90° bracket features is ready to install on the inside of a 90 degree angle. Each bracket comes complete with four hex-head wood screws and two carriage bolts pre-set into the bracket and ready to go. The hardware is all standardized half-inch size so you don’t have to change the drill bit as you go. These brackets are designed to use with standard 2-3/8″ outer diameter steel tubing. All necessary hardware is included to attach to the steel post onto the wood rail. Brackets come completely assembled and all the hardware is already positioned in the brackets for easy installation. No fumbling for lag screws or time consuming assembly. Sold individually.

90° bracket for corner applications.

Hot dipped galvanized steel.

Fasten, easy to install, already assembled.

No pre-drilling required.

a picture of chain link brackets
Galvanized Chain Link Brackets

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