Silt Fence Bunnings & Wire Backed Silt Fence

Super Silt Fence For Sale - Silt fence bunnings

Super silt fence is a strong temporary erosion barrier to control sediment run off from soil erosion and litter in construction sites or earthworks sites, reducing storm water pollution and significant harm to the environment, avoiding silt pollution into rivers, drains and sensitive environments. but allow water pass through during active construction.

The silt fence is made up of black or green non-biodegradable woven polypropylene fabric filter cloth, supplying the UV stable with a pH range of 2 to 13. Super silt fence is available with either chain link, hogwire or welded wire backing, which the popullar sizes are 3’X100′, 3’X110′ & 3’X330′.  The wire is hot dipped galvanised for durability. Custom printing, colors or geotextiles which is available in many commercial and DOT styles. 

This silt fence is used in slope and drainage system in America, Australia and New Zealand.

a picture of black super wire backed silt fence unfold half
Super Wire Fence & Wire backed Silt Fence

1. Erosion Control Fence With Wooden Post

The commercial-grade woven silt fence without wire backed is made up of black or green non-biodegradable polypropylene, with a high flow rate and long-lasting lifespan on site.

Material100% Polypropylene
Length50m, 100m, 200m, 500m or as request
Weight50gsm, 70gsm, 100gsm or as request

Common Size
36 inch x 100 ft (0.91m high x 30.5m )
850 mm x 100m.
3′ X 1,500′ 50 gram
3′ X 1,500′ 70 gram
3′ X 1,500′ 100 gram
0.77m x 50m
0.77m x 100m
0.77m x 500m
0.86m x 100m
0.86m x 500m
ColorBlack, Green, Orange
PackingPack in rolls with card tube in the center and be wrapped in PE
a picture of black color woven silt fence with green line

2. Wire Backed Silt Fence With Metal Post

Wire Backed Silt Fence is constructed with a three-foot high wire scrim (0.9 m), covered with a woven polypropylene filter fabric. The galvanized steel scrim supports the fabric in an upright position even under substantial loads of silt and water. A fabric apron extending beyond the wire is also available. The apron extends across the anchoring trench beneath the Silt Fence and helps to anchor the fence and prevent undercutting.

Popular roll Sizes: 3’X100′, 3’X110′ & 3’X330′. Wire can be Welded or Woven.

Field Wire & Welded Wire Mesh

24″ X 100′ Welded wire 12.5 AWG 2×4

24″ X 100′ Welded wire 14.5 AWG 2×4

36″ X 100′ Welded wire 14.5 AWG 4×4

32″ X 330′ 12.5 DOT Field Wire

32″ X 330′ 14.5 Field Wire

39″ X 330′ 14.5 DOT Field Wire

Available in:

  • 48” High Black Fabric with 36” Wire Mesh
  • 36” High Black Fabric with 36” Wire Mesh
  • 36” High Black Fabric with 24” Wire Mesh
  • 48” High Orange Fabric with 36” Wire Mesh

Metal T-Posts 

CMC Standard Studded Silt Fence T-Post 4′ & 5′ .85, .95, 1.25 & 1.33lbs/ft T-Post available up to 9′ in all weights – both painted and raw – with & without kick plate. We offer Ag, Vinyard & Grape T-Post to be galvanised steel temp fence.

Metal Y Post

6ft, 8ft length, Black powder coated.

Wire Back Silt Fence for construction site erosion control
Welded wire mesh TypeElectro galvanized welded wire mesh with fabric and Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh with fabric
Wire Diameter14 gauge or 12.5 gauge
Mesh(hole)2″x4″ or 4″x4″
Wire Mesh Width24″,36″,48″ (2ft,3ft,4ft……)
Wire Mesh Length100ft,150ft, or as required
Fabric Material100% PP material
Fabric Weight/gsm70g, 80g, 90g,100g, etc.
Fabric Width36″,48″,60″ (3ft,4ft,5ft……)
Fabric Length100ft,150ft, or as required
Popular Size Of Backed Wire Silt Fence 70gsm and 100gsm
124″ X 100′ Welded wire 12.5 AWG 2×4
224″ X 100′ Welded wire 14.5 AWG 2×4
336″ X 100′ Welded wire 14.5 AWG 4×4
432″ X 330′ 12.5 DOT Field Wire
532″ X 330′ 14.5 Field Wire
639″ X 330′ 14.5 DOT Field Wire

3. Silt Fence Bunnings Features

√  High strength weaved geotextile with UV-protection treatment

√  Keep the soil environments from pollution chemicals, insects, and mildew.

√  Prevent the loss of soil erosion, But allow water flow slowly at job sites

√  Black, Green, and Orange Colors Choices

√  Hardwood post, steel fence T post, Y post center spacing 10′

√  Meets Australian and American Standards

4. Super Silt Fence Advatages

√  Competitive prices with good quality

√  So many sizes choices for different applications

√  Accessories go with silt fence supplying together

√  80% water filtration

√  High reuse rate 

√  Following ASTM D6461 / D6461M – 16 Standard Specification for Silt Fence Materials and ASTMD6462 − 03(2008)

5. Super Silt Fence Installation

Silt fences can be used with wooden stakes, tomato stakes, pegs, or star pickets as support.

Installation: Woven silt fence with Hardwood, T, or Y post:

√  Along a river or ramp to dig a 200-300mm deep furrow along the perimeter for the construction area;

√  Put the silt fence into the furrow 200-300mm below the ground level, and filling some earth to make a 600mm silt fence above the ground.

√  Every 2m (when using soft wire), 4m (when a high tensile wire is used), or 10ft (3.0m) for hardwood pale to install a steel T or Y fence post with pins and yellow caps

6. Super Silt Fence Applications

If you are unable to determine select your preferred purchase method, please email us: 

√  Control the flowing rate of  soil loose river, streams, lakes

√  The mountain slopes

√  Floodways

√  Drainage ditches

√  Swale drains

√  Spillways

√  Project with pollution earth

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