High-Quality Galvanised Temp Fence Panels and Accessories

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Secure your space with DB Fencing’s quality temp fence panels and accessories

Temporary Fencing Panels Loading

On March 23rd, 2023, DB Fencing arranged for the shipment of 650 pieces of galvanised temp fence panels. These panels measure 240 x 210cm and are part of the Econo 3mm line, weighing in at 13kgs each. They are easy to install due to their lightweight and comply with Australian Standard AS4687-2007 when installed with feet and clamps. The panels are made of Φ3.0mm wire diameter, with a 60 x 150mm anti-climb mesh aperture, and Φ32 O.D. frame tube with a 1.3mm wall thickness. They are all pre-galvanised or hot-dipped galvanised, hand fully welded, and painted silver.

The galvanised temporary fence panels loaded in 1x40'HC

Temporary Fence System – DB Fencing

DB Fencing also produces other products, such as temporary fence plastic base, temporary fence rubber base, bracing, clamps, and more. They welcome both new and old customers to inquire about their products and services, as their company is committed to providing the best quality and most competitive prices to support your business.

The bracing, plastic feet, steel clamps for temporary fence

DB Fencing Development

DB Fencing has been producing these panels since 2009 with 10 welding platforms, resulting in large quantities of production every day. Due to this high level of production, the prices of the temporary fence panels are highly competitive. In the past 12 years, DB Fencing has developed into a production and export-oriented company that focuses on quality assurance, standard packaging, safe shipping, and after-sales service. As a result, they have received consistent praise and ongoing orders from their foreign clients.

In conclusion, DB Fencing is a reliable and established company that produces high-quality temporary fence panels and accessories. They are committed to providing their customers with the best service and competitive pricing, and they welcome any inquiries from potential customers.

Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hi, I’m Frank Zhang, the founder of DB Fencing, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes metal fences for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal fences from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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