Choose Your Australian Temporary Fence Manufacturer in China?

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If I were an Australian dealer importing temporary fences from China for sale and rental in Australia, here’s how I would choose the most suitable Australian temporary fence manufacture in China and the most important point in making my final decision.

How to Choose Your Most Suitable Australian Temporary Fence Manufacturer in China?

The Austrlian temporary fence panels installed with orange plastic feet in construction site.

  1. Define Your Needs:

  • Understand the specific requirements of the Australian market in terms of temporary fence specifications, safety standards, and customer preferences.
  • Determine the quantity and frequency of orders based on your market analysis.

Australian temporary fence, also known as temp fence, construction fence, or portable fence, is a free-standing, self-supporting fence panel. The panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications.

Why are Australian Temporary Fences predominantly used in Australia and New Zealand?

Most dealers in these countries import from China and then sell or rent to local end-users. The primary applications of temporary fences are in construction sites, events, and any area requiring security or crowd control. These temp fences need to meet specific standards, especially in terms of durability and safety. Depending on surface treatment, wire diameter, mesh size, pipe diameter, and pipe thickness, there are various styles of temporary fences. For instance:

  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 2.0 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.4 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 4.0 mm infilled anti-climb mesh
  • 40 NB (48 mm OD pipe x 2.0 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.4 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 4.0 mm infilled anti-climb mesh
  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 2.0 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.5 m long x 2.0 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 4.0 mm infilled anti-climb mesh
  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 1.35 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.4 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 3.0 mm infilled anti-climb mesh
  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 1.2 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.4 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 3.5 mm infilled mesh
  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 1.5 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.4 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 3.0 mm infilled mesh
  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 1.5 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 2.65 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 4.0 mm infilled mesh
  • 25 NB (32 mm OD pipe x 2.0 mm wall thick) Temp Fencing Panel 3.25 m or 3.0 m long x 2.1 m high galvanized with 60 x 150 x 4.0 mm infilled mesh
  • 5 meter high economy temporary metal fence with brace used In construction site
  • 4 Metre Chain Wire Panels Used In Construction Site
  • Customized wide range to suit your project and budget

Many major dealers in Australia, such as Temp Fence Super Store, ATF Services, and 1300 TempFence, import from Anping, China.

The construction site fencing wire mesh and galvanizing testing

What are the surface treatments for Temporary Fence Panels?

At DB Fencing, we provide economy, standard, and heavy-duty portable temporary fence panels. The processing of these panels can be done in two primary ways:

  • Pre-galvanized wire turned into anti-climb mesh panels with frame pipe hand-welded strongly on both sides, followed by a spray-painting of zinc silver color.
  • Black material raw wire transformed into anti-climb mesh panels with black pipe welded on both sides. The entire fence panel is then hot-dipped galvanized, ensuring a plate amount of more than 42 Microns (as per AS 4687-2007 Standard) to withstand seaside environments.

Our hot-dipped galvanized temporary fence panels have found homes in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, and Christchurch. Some unique customers also request a middle vertical brace to reinforce the mesh panels against crushing and wind.

pre-galvanised painting and hot dip galvanised for temporary fencing panels

What about Temporary Fence Feet?

These can be termed as temporary fence base or block and are primarily used to support the panels. They are known for their non-fading nature, durability, and cost-effectiveness. We offer two types of anti-aging plastic bases: injection molding and blow molded.

  • Injection Molding Base Size: 560 x 240 x 130mm
  • Blow Molded Base Size: 610 x 230 x 150mm

These bases are designed with high-quality anti-UV formulas to withstand the intense Australian sun. For instance, our temporary fence blocks contain UV absorbent 2002, UV uv-p, UV absorbent uv-531, and BHT2, ensuring they don’t fade for at least three years.

The popular types and colors for temporary fence feet

Temporary Fence Clamps are pivotal in ensuring the stability and strength of the fencing structure. At DB Fencing, we offer clamps that are:

  • Hot dipped galvanized with a minimum of 42 microns zinc coating.
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments.
  • Suitable for various pipe sizes, including 32 mm, 40 mm, and other specifications.
  • Compatible with bases and panels of similar specifications.
  • Material: High-quality steel plates
  • Finish: Hot dipped galvanized or Powder Coated Color
  • Compatibility: Suits 32 mm, 40 mm, or other specs steel pipes and bases.

The steel clamps connect the tempfence and bracing

Temporary Fence Bracing provides additional support, especially in windy areas or where there’s high pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

  • Heavy Duty Temporary Fence Bracing: Designed for high wind areas, especially when banner mesh or shade cloth is installed. It’s hot dipped galvanized finished and requires 2 coupler clamps to attach to the fence panel.
    Material: Galvanized steel
  • Finish: Hot dipped Galvanized or Pre-Galvanized
  • Usage: Provides stability for Australian standards temporary fencing installations in windy and public areas.

Bracing with feet and clamps support the temporary fence panels to anti-wind

Temporary Fence Gates allow for controlled access to the fenced area. Our gates are:

Wheeled vehicle access gates: Made up of temporary fence panels, hinges, and universal wheels. They can be installed at any location with temporary fence panels, clamps, and bases.

  • Panels Height: 2.1m
  • Frame Tube: Galvanized, 32mm OD, with varying wall thicknesses such as 1.35mm, 1.5mm, or 2.0mm.
  • Infill Mesh: Available in 3.0 or 4.0mm wire diameter with 150mm x 60mm spacing.
  • Welding: Fully Welded Corners
  • Finish: Galvanized with zinc painting of 28 microns/m2


  • Vehicle gates: Available in 2.1m Height with widths of 2.4m, 2.3m, and 2.5m.
  • Pedestrian gates: 2.1m Height x 1.5m Width and 2.1m Height x 1.1m Width.
  • Double swing vehicle access gate: 4.8m Length
  • By incorporating these specifications and details, you can ensure that you’re getting a product that not only meets your needs but also adheres to the highest standards of quality and durability.

The temporary gate with clamps and feet

2. Research Suppliers:

  • Utilize online platforms like Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global Sources to identify potential suppliers.
  • Attend trade fairs or expos related to fencing or construction to meet suppliers in person.

A Word of Caution about Alibaba:

While many Anping manufacturers list on Alibaba, the quality varies. I recall a client who chose a supplier on Alibaba that primarily produced stainless steel mesh. Due to a lack of understanding of Australian climatic conditions, the supplier mistook hot-dipped galvanized for regular pre-galvanized tube with painting. This mistake led to rusting within days, causing significant financial and reputational damage to the client. It’s essential to choose a supplier who understands the product and the region’s requirements.

3. Check Credibility:

  • Verify the supplier’s business licenses, certifications, and any Australian-specific compliance.
  • Look for suppliers with a track record of exporting to Australia or other international markets.

Why do 90% of Australian customers buy temporary fences from Anping, China?

The answer is simple: Quality and Cost-Effectiveness. Anping, often referred to as the “Hometown of Wire Mesh” in China, boasts a rich history in producing top-tier wire mesh products. The region’s expertise, combined with cost-effective production methods, makes it an attractive hub for global buyers.

Why choose DB Fencing among hundreds of suppliers in Anping?

Established since 2009, DB Fencing stands out as an early supplier with significant advantages in the production, application, installation, and styles of Australian temporary fences. In fact, 60% of Anping’s temporary fence suppliers purchase their temporary fence feet from us!

Our wire mesh fence producing factory with fence products ready to ship

4. Quality Assurance:

  • Request samples and conduct quality checks to ensure they meet Australian standards.
  • Inquire about the supplier’s quality control processes and any third-party quality certifications they might have.

DB Fencing Advantage: DB Fencing uses top-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to produce temporary fences. Their production line undergoes regular quality checks, ensuring that every fence meets the highest standards. They also have third-party certifications, proving their commitment to quality.

Winning Orders: By providing samples and showcasing their quality certifications, DB Fencing instills confidence in potential clients. Their consistent quality ensures repeat orders and referrals.


temporary fence for construction site ready to ship to Australia

5. Communication:

Ensure smooth communication. The supplier should be responsive and have a good understanding of English to avoid misunderstandings.

DB Fencing Advantage: DB Fencing has a dedicated international sales team proficient in English. This team is trained to understand the specific needs of different markets, ensuring clear and effective communication.

Winning Orders: Effective communication reduces misunderstandings, leading to faster decision-making. Clients appreciate a supplier who understands their needs and responds promptly.

The team for DB Fencing are discussing.

6. Visit the Factory:

If feasible, visit the supplier’s manufacturing facility in China to assess their capabilities, quality control, and scale of operations.

DB Fencing Advantage: DB Fencing welcomes clients to visit their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The transparency in their operations and the chance to witness the production process firsthand gives clients a sense of reliability.

Winning Orders: A factory visit often solidifies a potential client’s decision. Seeing the scale of operations, quality control measures, and the technology used can be a significant factor in choosing DB Fencing over competitors.

The customers are visiting our factory and negotiating.

7. Pricing and Payment Terms:

  • Obtain detailed quotations and understand all costs involved, including any hidden charges.
  • Negotiate favorable payment terms, keeping in mind the financial health of your business.

DB Fencing Advantage: While maintaining high quality, DB Fencing offers competitive pricing. They also provide flexible payment terms, understanding the financial dynamics of international trade.
Winning Orders: Competitive pricing combined with flexible payment terms makes DB Fencing an attractive choice for clients looking for value for money.

8. Logistics and Shipping:

Understand lead times, shipping methods, and costs. Ensure the supplier has experience with Australian customs and import regulations.

DB Fencing Advantage: DB Fencing has partnerships with leading logistics companies, ensuring timely and safe delivery of products. They are well-versed with international shipping protocols and have experience in handling customs and import regulations for various countries.

Winning Orders: Efficient and hassle-free shipping is a significant advantage. Clients prefer suppliers who can ensure that products reach them on time and in perfect condition.

Some loading pictures for Movable Temporary Fence

9. After-sales Service:

A good supplier should offer support in case of product defects or issues and be willing to address any concerns promptly.

DB Fencing Advantage: DB Fencing stands by its products. They offer a robust after-sales service, addressing any concerns or issues clients might face. Whether it’s installation guidance, technical support, or handling product defects, DB Fencing is always available to assist.

Winning Orders: Excellent after-sales service builds trust. Clients are more likely to order from a supplier who offers continued support even after the sale is completed.

10. Local Market Knowledge:

The supplier should have some understanding of the Australian market, local regulations, and customer preferences.

DB Fencing Advantage: DB Fencing invests time in understanding the specific requirements of different markets. They are aware of the Australian standards and preferences, ensuring their products are tailored to meet these needs.

Winning Orders: A supplier with local market knowledge can offer products that are a perfect fit for the client’s needs. This understanding gives DB Fencing an edge over competitors who might offer generic solutions.

temporary fence Wholesale

Most Important Point in Choosing the Final Supplier:

While all the above points are crucial, the most important point for me would be Quality Assurance. Given that the fences will be used in various settings in Australia, ensuring that they are of high quality and meet Australian standards is paramount. This not only ensures the safety and satisfaction of the end-users but also protects my business reputation in the long run. A supplier that consistently delivers high-quality products will be invaluable, even if their prices are slightly higher than competitors. Quality assurance reduces the risk of product returns, customer complaints, and potential legal issues, making it the most critical factor in my decision-making process.

Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hi, I’m Frank Zhang, the founder of DB Fencing, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes metal fences for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal fences from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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