Fixed Knot Deer Netting

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High Quality Tightlock Knot Deer Netting

DB Fencing has developed the deer netting machine by itself since 3 years ago. It only needs one worker to operate, making the line wires go through the preset mold, then the machine can weave the mesh automatically with the knotted wire and stay wire.

Deer Neeting Specifications

No. Of LinesHeightVertical SpacingRoll Length
11 1550mm150mm100m

High Tensile Wire & Galvanised

Deer Netting is made up of high-quality iron wire, and hot-dipped galvanized products. This farm fencing can last 15-20 years with no rust and strongly protect your deer.

High Strength – Create Overall Rigidity and Elasticity

The fixed knot wire has much stronger than other hinge joint fences. Its knot designing allows the high tensile line wires and vertical wires to be joined in a way that provides maximum resistance to impact damage. Also, If need the strongest tensile, we provide the line wire weaving (create overall rigidity and elasticity) to resist any impact across the fence.

Usually, the line wires (horizontal) are made from high tensile ( Tensile range 1100-1300N/MM2) 2.5 mm wire, the stay wires (vertical) are made from medium tensile 2.5 mm ( Tensile range 600-850N/MM2).

The tightlock knots ( Tensile range 400-550N/MM2) are made from low tensile wire which leaves a tight, neat knot with no sharp ends, stopping animals from being injured.

For the deer fawning paddocks, we provide 150 mm stay wire, and the 89 mm line wire prevents newborn fawns from slipping through the fence.

A 150 mm stay wire is often used for additional security on boundary fence compared to a 300 mm stay for internal fence and sometimes used for a boundary as an economical alternative

Parameters Tech Data
Fence Height1550-1900mm
No. Of Lines13
Stray Wire Spacing Edge Wire Dia.150mm, 300mm
Edge Wire ∅2.2-3.0mm
Line Wire∅2.2-2.6mm
Stay Wire∅2.2-2.6mm
Knot Wire∅2.0-2.2mm
Line Wire Tensile Range850-1350N/mm2
Stay Wire Tensile Range525-850N/mm2
Knot Wire Tensile Range400-525N/mm2
Length of Roll50m, 100m, 200m
No. Strokes(Stay Wires)Per Minute30 row/min

Hot-dipped Galvanised Finish Over Class 3

Because of 300g/sq.m high galvanized wire( More than traditional Class 3 galvanization), The deer fence can provide improved durability and superior corrosion resistance than normal galvanized wire 40-60g/sq.m in harsh weather conditions.

Our Deer Netting comes in many sizes, especially the most popular netting 13/190/30 100m in new Zealand.

  • Independent knots increase structural strength of the fence
  • Lower cost than the panel
  • Less post support
  • It’s self-supporting to make it easier to put up
Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hi, I’m Frank Zhang, the founder of DB Fencing, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes metal fences for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal fences from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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