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Protect your construction site or event with confidence, thanks to DB Fencing’s durable and easy-to-install temporary hoarding panels. With a variety of sizes and finishes available, our panels are the ideal solution for securing your perimeter while maintaining a professional appearance. Trust in DB Fencing’s years of experience and commitment to quality for your next project.



50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm

Frame pipe

32mm, 40mm, 48mm

Panel Thickness


Height x Length

1800 X 2240mm, 2000 X 2160mm, 2000 x 2100mm, 2400 x 2100mm


Pre-galvanized Steel and powder coated one side

RAL Colours

Blue, Red, Grey, White, (other color is available)


Hot Dipped galvanized

Rubber Block Fence Feet


Products Details

Temporary Hoarding Panels for Site Security

Temporary hoarding panels are also named construction fencing hoarding, hoarding panels, temporary steel hoarding, etc. When temporary construction fence installed in concrete pavement, or hard ground, it needs the temporary hoarding panels to be a portable temporary fencing solution for site perimeters safe . The hoarding panel is easily assembled with recycled rubber blocks and clips. It is the best choices for the construction temporary fence instead of timber hoarding. It is so popular in UK and Australia, New Zealand, or other countries.
The temporary hoarding panels are made of frame round tube, inner corrugated galvanized steel sheet panels. They are welded or screwed (Swivel/Fixed Couplers ) together. The surface finish usually are frame tube galvanized and powder coated of colorbond.

Specifications and Accessories of Temporary Hoarding Panels

DB Fencing is one of the largest manufacturer of temporary construction site hoarding panels. The hoarding panels include U profile, frame pipe, steel bond, so that they can be easily installed at site.

The vertical frame tubes are insert into rubber blocks to provide strong support for the fencing. The U channel on the top and bottom is to be screwed with corrugated steel sheets to firmly secure the sheets.

Hoarding Panels

  • U-profile: 50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm
  • Frame pipe: 32mm, 40mm, 48mm
  • Panel Thickness: 0.4mm-0.65mm
  • Height x Length: 1800 X 2240mm, 2000 X 2160mm, 2000 x 2100mm, 2400 x 2100mm
  • Finises: Pre-galvanized Steel and powder coated one side
  • RAL Colours Available: Blue, Red, Grey, White, (other color is available)


For the installation of the Hoarding Panels, fence clips/couplers and standard rubber block fence feet are required.

Hoarding Clips: Including two clips with bolt and nut, all hot dipped galvanized;

Rubber Block Fence Feet: 760*125*200mm size, recycled PVC.

Installation of Hoarding Panels

Installing temporary hoarding fencing is a straightforward process that requires a few basic steps. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start by laying out the hoarding panels and the rubber feet that will be used to support them. Make sure the panels are spaced evenly and in the desired configuration.
  2. Take the first hoarding panel and slot the outside tube of its gate straight into the fence feet. The rubber feet will provide stability and prevent the panels from slipping or moving.
  3. Next, take the couplers and use them to connect the hoarding panels together. The couplers fit securely into the vertical tubes down either side of each hoarding panel.
  4. Continue adding hoarding panels and couplers until you have the desired length of fencing. You can also add a hoarding gate for pedestrian or vehicle access.
  5. Once the hoarding panels are securely connected, you can attach any additional accessories, such as a hoarding pedestrian gate or a hoarding security gate, as needed.

Overall, the installation process is simple and can be completed by two people. The hoarding panels, rubber feet, couplers, and gates all work together to create a stable and secure temporary fencing system.


  • Clearly marking site boundaries during building
  • Improve security and privacy for site boundary, compared with mesh fencing.
  • Assembled easily and quickly by one worker;
  • Recyclable many years;
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable;
  • Wind Resistance up to more than 165 km/hr
  • Heavier galvanized Frame tube, Super anti-corrosion powder coated for transporting anyway;
  • Colors various;


Special fence for metro, house building and municipal road work.

For industrial and civil buildings, warehouse, special construction, large span steel structure buildings,walls, and other internal and external wall hangings.

  • Construction Sites
  • Hospitals
  • Playgrounds
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Events & Shows
  • Stadiums
  • Worker Accommodation

The application of hoarding panels

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