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Hot dipped galvanized temporary fence for queue barrier

1. Queue Barrier Description

Queue barrier (also referred to as crowd control barricades or pedestrian barricades is commonly used at many public events. They are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals. Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel use barricades as part of their crowd management planning.

MaterialLow carbon steel
Surface treatmentHot dipped galvanized or powder coated
Height1m, 1.1m, 1.2m, etc.
Width2m, 2.1m, 2.5m, etc.
Frame tube O.D25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm
Infill picket (tube) O.D12mm, 16mm, 20mm
Infill picket (round bar) diameter8mm, 12mm
Feet typeFixed or movable
Feet shapeflat, bridge, or cross feet
AccessaryEye&hook, lugs; pins, or screws

Various shapes and types for your option, we can also customize according to your drawing.

Type 1: Queue Barrier With Flat Feet

Height: 1.1m

Width: 2.1m, 2.5m

Feet: movable flat feet

Optional LOGO board

Type 2: Queue Barrier With Cross Bar

Height: 1.1m, 1.2m
Width: 2.1m, 2.5m
Feet: fixed cross feet

Type 3: Queue Barrier With Bridge Feet

Height: 1.1m, 1.2m
Width: 2.1m, 2.5m
Feet: bridge feet

Type 4: Queue Barrier With PVC Chain Link Mesh

Height: 1.1m,
Width: 2.1m, 2.5m
Feet: flat feet

Type 5: Queue Barrier 20x20mm or 25x25mm square tube with flat feet

  • Height: 1.17m,
  • Width: 2.9m
  • Feet: flat feet

Main Features

  • Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintenance
  • Renewable resource, could be used for several years
  • All welding slag are cleared to insure fence smooth surface
  • Whole panel (welded mesh panel and frame tube) will be hot dipped galvanized or powder coated after welding
  • Customized panel shape or specification is also available

Exclusive queue barrier drawing for customer when order is confirmed

Packing & Delivery

  1. Before packing: Barrier/barricade panels will be fully dried and tested before packing.
  2. Package: Panels will be stacked on a steel pallet first, and then use nylon belt to fasten them.
  3. Container loading: Whole pallet will be loaded into container by forklift. And there are some panels in loose on top and side of the container.


The queue barrier acts as a physical and psychological barrier used to demarcate “no access” zones and to designate space for lines. They are also used by riot police to control large gatherings.

Crowd control barricades are most commonly made of steel. Barriers are most effective when they interlock, being attached to each other in a line via hooks at the side of each barricade. When barricades are interlocked, security personnel can create impenetrable lines, because such lines of barriers cannot easily be toppled over.

  • We keep in contact with our customers after they receive our barriers.
  • Answer their questions during installation or application, also listen to their advice and suggestion towards our product.
  • Below are the barricade usage photos from our Australia, New Zealand, Germany and America customers..
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