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Embracing the Australian Landscape and Its Livestock Industry

Australia’s vast and varied landscapes, from the arid outback to lush coastal areas, alongside its temperate climate, have positioned it as a frontrunner in the global cattle industry. The importance of robust ranch fence panels in safeguarding Australia’s precious livestock assets cannot be overstated. As China’s premier supplier of ranch fence panels, we bring invaluable insights and solutions to the challenges faced by ranchers, from protecting cattle to understanding the nuances of fence panel selection.

Cattle panel installed in a field, capable of withstanding the impact from livestock without damage.

Why Trust Us?

With a history that stretches back to 2009, DB Fencing stands as a beacon of excellence in the production and export of cattle panels, gates, and other livestock equipment. Our expertise is grounded in over a decade of dedicated service, marked by a commitment to quality that has positioned us among the top 5 livestock product manufacturers in China. Our operation, which harnesses the skills of 50-75 dedicated workers across 10 welding platforms, has enabled us to serve a diverse clientele, including wholesalers, farmers, and rangeland owners across Australia and beyond. Our direct factory savings, customer-centric approach, and tailored solutions underscore our unmatched position in the market.

The packing and loading for cattle panels

How to Protect Your Cows?

Protection for your cows begins with the selection of high-quality, durable cattle panels and gates. DB Fencing offers a range of products designed to secure and safeguard your livestock effectively. From the standard 1.8m x 2.1m cattle panels, featuring a weight of 30kg to 45kg and made from carbon steel with hot-dipped galvanized or powder-coated finishes, to our specialized gates that integrate seamlessly with these panels, ensuring a robust barrier against predators and environmental threats. Our panels and gates are engineered for quick and easy installation, providing a secure and stable enclosure for your cattle.

Galvanized cattle panel with no sharp edges, ensuring the safety and protection of livestock.

Understanding Cattle Panels

What Size Are Cattle Panels?

Our cattle panels come in various sizes to suit different needs, with our standard panels measuring 1.8m in height and lengths ranging from 2.1m to 3.37m, accommodating different cattle breeds and enclosure sizes.

Below is a summarized list of 15 specifications for various livestock fencing and enclosure solutions offered, including brief requirements for each:

  1. Livestock Fence Panel
    • 1.8M x 2.1M, 30x70mm Rail
    • Weight: 30kg
    • Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) 15-microns finish
    • Includes lock pins
  2. 40x80mm Cattle Panel
    • 1.8M x 1.8M for creating curved races
    • Weight: 35kg
    • Hot-Dipped Galvanized finish
  3. 5-Rail Oval Corral Panels
    • 1.6M x 2.1M
    • Hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated
    • Designed for durability and flexibility
  4. 6-Rail Oval Corral Panels
    • 1.8M x 2.1M and 1.8M x 3.37M
    • Hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated for extended lifespan
  5. 5-Rail Square Corral Panels
    • 1.8M x 2.1M and 1.8M x 3.37M
    • Square and oval pipe construction with hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coating
  6. 6-Rail Square Corral Panels
    • 1.6M x 2.1M
    • Square post and oval pipe rails, hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated
  7. Cattle Yard Panel with 6 Oval Rails + Drop Pins
    • 1.8M (H) x 2.1M (W), 60mm x 30mm Rails
    • Pre-Zinc Passivated Steel construction
    • 1.8M x 2.1M
    • High Quality Pre-Zinc Passivated Steel
  9. Combination Panel 7 Oval Anti-Bruise Rails
    • For mixed livestock, 1.6M (H) x 2.1M (W)
    • Manufactured from Pre-Zinc Passivated Steel
    • For mixed livestock, 1.6M(H) x 2.1M(W)
    • Quality Pre-Zinc Passivated Steel
  11. Heavy Duty Oval Rail Cattle Yard Panel
    • 80mm x 40mm Rails, 2180 mm Square
    • Comes with heavy-duty hinges and chain latch
  12. 42x115mm Cattle Panel
    • 1.8M x 2.1M, Weight: 45kg
    • Heavy-duty option available for both panels and gates
  13. 48mm Pipe Upright Panel
    • 1.8m high x 2.1m long
    • 2mm wall thickness
  14. Specifications not explicitly labeled as “规格14” in the document.
  15. General Specification
    • Weight: 56.00 kg, Dimensions: 2250.00(W) x 50.00(H) x 1800.00(L) mm
    • This specification matches the formatting of others and could relate to a specific panel type not detailed in the provided list.

How Long Is A Standard Cattle Panel?

The standard length for our cattle panels is typically 2.1m, but we also offer lengths up to 3.37m for larger enclosures or specific needs, providing ample coverage and security for your livestock.

The Durability of Ranch Fence Panels

Can You Paint Ranch Fence Panels?

Yes, it’s possible to paint cattle panels, which can help extend their life by adding an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

If you have purchased ranch fence panels that are hot-dip galvanized with a zinc coating of 42-80 microns, there is no need to paint or apply additional coatings. The high level of zinc coating on these panels enables them to last 15-20 years without rusting. On the other hand, if you’ve bought cattle panels with a zinc coating around 10 microns, typically those that are painted, and you wish to extend their lifespan, you can opt to paint them on your ranch. Our company also offers a pre-fabrication painting service, which is more cost-effective compared to the higher zinc-coated hot-dip galvanized panels. This treatment can equally ensure a lifespan of 15-20 years. Moreover, we use anti-knock packaging to prevent damage to the panels’ surfaces during transport and handling.

powder coated green cattle panels

Will Ranch Fence Panels Rust?

While cattle panels can rust over time if not treated or coated, opting for galvanized panels can significantly enhance their rust resistance, thereby ensuring their durability.

Selecting the right ranch fence panels involves more than just considering the initial cost; it’s about understanding the long-term benefits and durability associated with varying levels of zinc content. For ranch owners, investing in panels with a mere 10 microns of zinc might seem cost-effective initially but could lead to premature maintenance issues. Specifically, these lower zinc-coated panels require the application of anti-rust paint on welding joints post-galvanization, a process that leaves them vulnerable to erosion from environmental factors like rain or seawater. Consequently, such panels can begin to rust within 1-3 months during periods of intense heat, marking them as a less desirable option due to their lower quality and durability.

However, there’s a superior choice for those looking to secure their investments and ensure the safety of their livestock for years to come. High zinc hot-dip galvanized ranch fence panels, with zinc content between 42 to 80 microns, offer a robust solution. This method involves welding raw material pipes before subjecting the entire assembly to a thorough hot-dip galvanization process, ensuring every inch is coated for maximum protection. Such a detailed approach guarantees that, even in the harshest conditions—like those found along coastal ranches in Australia—our panels will withstand the test of time without rusting, offering peace of mind with a durability promise of 15-20 years.

At DB Fencing, we prioritize the production of high-quality, rust-resistant ranch fence panels designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern ranching. Our commitment is to provide durable, reliable fencing solutions that protect your livestock and investment, regardless of environmental challenges. Choose wisely; choose the best in zinc-coated durability for your ranch.

Types Of Cattle Panels You Need To Know

Weighing and Strengthening Your Fencing

How Heavy Are Cattle Panels?

The weight of cattle panels can vary, with standard ones weighing between 25 to 30 pounds, striking a balance between durability and ease of installation.

Here’s a concise display of the 15 specifications with brief requirements for each:

  1. Livestock Fence Panel
    • Weight: 30kg
    • Size: 1.8M x 2.1M, 30x70mm Rail
    • Finish: HDG 15-microns
    • Ideal for cost-effective but durable solutions.
  2. 40x80mm Cattle Panel
    • Weight: 35kg
    • Size: 1.8M x 1.8M
    • Perfect for creating curved race sections.
  3. 5-Rail Oval Corral Panels
    • Height x Length: 1.6x 2.1 m (5 rails)
    • Galvanized and PVC coated for enhanced durability.
  4. 6-Rail Oval Corral Panels
    • Height x Length: 1.8 x 2.1 m (6 rails); 1.8 x 3.37 m (6 rails)
    • Hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated.
  5. 5-Rail Square Corral Panels
    • Height x Length: 1.8 x 2.1 m (6 rails); 1.8 x 3.37 m (6 rails)
    • Hot-dipped galvanized and PVC coated for square post configurations.
  6. 6-Rail Square Corral Panels
    • Height x Length: 1.6 x 2.1 m (5 rails)
    • Durable and designed for square post applications.
  7. Cattle Yard Panel 6 Oval Rails + Drop Pins
    • Weight: Not specified
    • Overall Dimensions: 1.8M (H) x 2.1M (W)
    • Manufactured from quality Pre-Zinc Passivated Steel.
    • Weight: 29kg
    • Overall Dimensions: 1.8M x 2.1M
    • High-quality Pre-Zinc Passivated Steel finish.
  9. Combination Panel 7 Oval Anti-Bruise Rails
    • Ideal for mixed livestock
    • Overall Dimensions: 1.6M (H) x 2.1M (W)
    • Features a durable and anti-bruise design.
    • Suited for a variety of livestock
    • Overall Dimensions: 1.6M(H) x 2.1M(W)
    • Comes with all necessary components for easy assembly.
  11. Heavy Duty Oval Rail Cattle Yard Panel
    • Weight: 38.5 kg
    • Overall Dimensions: 2180 mm x 2180 mm (H x W)
    • Designed for heavy-duty applications.
  12. 42x115mm Cattle Panel
    • Weight: 45kg
    • Overall Dimensions: 1.8M x 2.1M
    • Offers superior durability and strength.
  13. 48mm Pipe Upright Panel
    • Weight: Not specified
    • 1.8m high x 2.1m long with a 2mm wall thickness.
  14. Specifications not explicitly detailed as “规格14” in the provided list.
  15. General Specification
    • Weight: 56.00 kg
    • Product dimensions: 2250.00(W) x 50.00(H) x 1800.00(L) mm

How Strong Are Cattle Panels?

Cattle panels are built for strength, capable of withstanding considerable force, making them an ideal choice for containing even the most energetic livestock.

The strength of cattle panels is emphasized through several key features that ensure their durability and reliability for livestock management:

  • High-Quality Construction: The cattle panels are made from high-quality steel pipe that is 360 degrees fully welded. This comprehensive welding process significantly enhances the strength of the fence, making it capable of withstanding considerable force.
  • Durable Coating: The panels are coated with high zinc or PVC, which not only makes the fence durable but also enhances its strength. This coating ensures that the panels can withstand environmental challenges without compromising their structural integrity.
  • Stable Assembly: The inclusion of a chain lock mechanism allows the fence panels to be securely locked together, providing stability and resisting displacement or collapse under pressure.
  • Impact Resistance: The cattle panels are designed to highly withstand the impact of a horse crash. This indicates that the panels have a high strength level, capable of resisting forceful impacts without sustaining damage.
  • Comprehensive Protection and Anti-Rust Features: The panels are not only strong but also protected against rust with hot galvanized piping. The vertical rails are welded with metal caps to prevent internal rusting, further contributing to the panels’ overall strength and durability.

These features collectively demonstrate the cattle panels’ strength, making them a robust and reliable choice for livestock management. The panels’ design ensures they can endure significant stress and impact, making them an ideal solution for containing and protecting livestock in various environments.

The accessories of portable cattle panels


Choosing the Right Panels

Horse Panel vs. Cattle Panel

The primary distinction between horse panels and cattle panels lies in the spacing and size of the openings. Horse panels feature closer spacing to prevent horses from entrapment, addressing specific safety concerns associated with different types of livestock.

The horse panels weigh less than the cattle panels because they have 60x30mm oval tubes, but the cattle panels have 40x80mm oval tubes.

Conclusion: Ensuring the Safety of Your Livestock

Ranch fence panels stand as a pivotal element in effective livestock management across Australia. Equipped with the correct information and quality materials from a trusted supplier, ranchers can safeguard the health and safety of their cattle, reinforcing the industry’s sustainability and productivity. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and understanding the specific needs of the livestock industry positions us as your ideal partner in securing the well-being of your animals and the success of your ranching operations.

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