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In order to make a cattle yard system for farmers and cattle handling, DB Fencing has developed the cattle crush system since 5 years ago. The cattle crush for sale can be completely in control and safety, which is made of hot-dipped galvanised steel, allowing weighing, vaccinating, and recording individual animal data.

There are manual cattle crush and hydraulic cattle crush. Each livestock crush is designed to be robust enough to anti hit from the big animal. It includes a sliding gate, two parallel squeeze panels, headbail, vet gates, and the necessary accessories. The hydraulic cattle crush has an additional control panel, using hydraulic and air cylinders to handle the sliding gate and handbail for easy operation.

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Manual Cattle Crush

Our manual cattle crush can meet the most needs and handle a range of different size operations at the best cost because we are the direct factory.

Our cattle crush provides optimal safety for the farmer and livestock, making efficiency work. The 3050mm length of cattle crush allows the largest cattle to go through easily, without pushing and squeezing, which can reduce the cattle collision probability and keep operator safety.

allows large cattle to be worked on without having to restrain them in the headbail. This results in a more relaxed animal and improves operator safety.

1. Manually Operated

Because it is a manual crush, it features dual headbale handles, 1/2 sheeted slides gate, optional chin bar, and optional side squeeze options.

2. Manually Cattle Crush Specifications

Cattle crushes are manufactured with low carbon steel Q235.

  • Size: 3050mm L x 850mm W x 2250mm H
  • 760mm-375mm (Squeeze range)
  • 940mm (Lower vet gate height)
  • Frame Tube: 50x50x2.0mm
  • Door Rail: 40x80x1.6mm oval tube
  • Headbale width: Max 850mm
  • Sliding Door Max opening: 805mm
  • Sliding door height: 1950mm
  • Mounting plates are designed to bolt up
  • Pinned on baulk gate
  • 4 large side gates
  • 2 smaller vet doors
  • Base lugs 

The integrated loadcell is so important for the weighing, which is at the bottom of the crush.

3. Vet Doors Of Manually Vet Crush

When the vet needs to make a medical checkup for the cattle, he can open each side door near the cattle body from the rear, and side gates for easy access.

The kick gates locking cell with reliable slam latches have the ability to lock in any position with a quick responsive design. When closing the door, the locking cell can automatically lock.

4. Split Sliding Gate & Heavy Duty Frame

The removable Sliding Gate is fully sheeted and control effectively the cattle into the crush.

The heavy-duty 50x50mm frame provides a big strength to handle animals.

5. Headbail Lock

The traditional butt joints at the crushed corner with a pin, make the crush disassemble conveniently.  

Vet Cattle Crush Features

  • Infinite lock cattle head bail
  • Head bail opens fully for easy walk through
  • Needle door
  • Parallel side squeeze operation
  • Split gates on both sides of crush
  • Bottom Gates keep cattle and operator safety
  • Auto slam shut latches with stainless springs
  • Rump bar for vet doors

Why buy a Cattle Crush For Your Farm

  • Reducing the injured, ensure the safer for both operator and cattle.
  • Making reasonable and effective feeding plan after weighing the cattle, improving the maximally growth.
  • Instead of no necessary labour working, reducing cost, improve work efficiency.
  • Easy to inject vaccine, weight bearing, pregnancy scanning, embryo transplants.
  • Hot dip galvanised to 300-600g/m2 to Australian AS/NZS 4680 standards , ensuring long time in seaside climate.
  • Parallel squeeze panels with a mechanical lock ensure the cattle safe without any added stress.
  • DB Fencing has a quality, heavy-duty, fully-welded crush.
  • Protect your animal, cause minimal stress to the animal.
  • keeping costs within your budget
  • Split Gates on operator side of Vet Section provides safe walk-through access
  • All hot dipped galvanised
Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hi, I’m Frank Zhang, the founder of DB Fencing, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes metal fences for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal fences from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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