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Australia Standard Heavy Duty Galvanized Cattle Panel and Gates

Portable cattle panels are perfect designs to make cattle yards built fast and removable. The cattle panel fence is also portable to set up holding yards of any size. Being Tough, anti-rust, and strong, they withstand a range of stock pressure and last 10-15 years.
The portable cattle panels usually include 5-6 horizontal rails, 2 vertical post with rainhat, 2 U lugs, 2 L lugs, 2 footplates and 2 pins.

Cattle Panels Description

The pipes of cattle panels can be 2.1mm wall thick, and hot dipped galvanised more than 42 microns to last so many years.

Oval Rail Tube Cattle Panels

  • Material: Hot-dipped Galvanized steel tube
  • Size: (L x H) 2.1m x 1.6m ,  2.1 x 1.7m ,  2.1 x 1.8m,  2.1 x 2.0m
  • Vertical pipe: 40 x 40mm x 1.6mm/2.0mm      50 x 50 x 1.6mm x 2.0mm
  • Horizontal rails (5, 6): 30 x 62mm x 1.6mm/ 2.0mm thickness     40 x 80mm x 1.6mm / 2.0mm thickness
    42 x 115mm x 1.6mm / 2.0mm thickness
  • Welded bull bars are fully welded, each weld is protected with epoxy paint

Square Tube Cattle Panels

  • Material: Hot-dipped Galvanized steel tube
  • Size (L x H): 2.1m x 1.6m ,  2.1 x 1.7m ,  2.1 x 1.8m,  2.1 x 2.0m
  • Vertical pipe: 40 x 40mm x 1.6mm/2.0mm      50 x 50 x 1.6mm x 2.0mm
  • Horizontal rails (5, 6): 40 x 40mm x 1.6mm/2.0mm     50 x 50 x 1.6mm x 2.0mm
  • Welded bull bars are fully welded, each weld is protected with epoxy paint

Product Process

Firstly, we prepared the pipe (the oval pipe or square pipe), then put the pipe on the welded shaping machine, the pipes are galvanized, fully welded the pipes and lugs together, then make the spot smoothing, finally paint the anti-rust silver color.

Features of Galvanized Cattle Panels

  • Square vertical pipe/post, fully welding easy and firm, much durable
  • Oval horizontal rails, no sharp edge, high safety
  • Cow-proof rail spacing
  • Middle braces for high strength and heavy duty
  • With welded top caps and foot plates, water and dust proof
  • Welded “U” And “L” Lugs for easy connection. The lugs are welded to bracket all four sides, very durable.
  • 2 x joining pins are supplied for each panel

Cattle Panel Gate

  • Height x Length: 2200mm x 2000mm
  • Frame:  Horizontal & Vertical pipe: 50 mm x 50 mm RHS x 1.8 mm thick with fully welded caps
  • Cattle Gate Horizontal rail: 40 mm x 80 mm x 1.6mm thick x 6 oval  rails
  • Finishing: hot dipped galvanized, zinc coating:more than 15 microns
  • Fully welded oval pipes, post &brackets, heavy duty hinges

How Many Cattles Panels, Cattle Gates, Cattle Crush, Mayway Gate For Your Head Yard?


Why to choose DB Fencing

Strict quality inspection

Generally we have special people to test product quality double times to avoid no necessary after-sales problems. First time test the material quality, then test finished product quality.

Professional drawings design

Usually some customers ask design cattle yard drawings. Our AI designers are glad to help them to work out details.

Our Company

  1. Area: 5000 m2
  2. No. of Employees: 100people
  3. No. of QC: 5 people
  4. Export Markets: Australia, New Zealand Europe, South America, North America, Asia etc.
  5. Annual Revenue: USD15,000,000
  6. Certificates: BV report, CE certificate, ISO9001 certificate, SGS certificate, IAF certification, etc
Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hi, I’m Frank Zhang, the founder of DB Fencing, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes metal fences for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal fences from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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  1. Hi, Enquirying who are your stockists in Australia as looking for 1.6m high yard panels, 5 rails at 115mm deep.
    Regards Craig

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