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How DB Fencing Stands Out Among Temporary Fence Suppliers

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The market is packed with suppliers for cercado temporal, all of whom profess to be the best but lack the “oomph” required to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, it has to be more than just the product itself; it has to be the outstanding quality of that product, followed by competitive pricing, superior service, and reliable logistics. We at DB Fencing take pride in leading the industry while being well-positioned to offer the perfect first-class quality of temporary fencing solutions, tailor-made to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Discussing how DB Fencing differs from other temporary fence suppliers is presented below.

DB Fencing is a manufacturer that focuses on producing Australian Temporary Fencing. We offer products that include Temporary Fence Feet, Recycled Rubber Bases, etc., all produced in-house. So far, we have ten welding production lines, one plastic feet production line, and three rubber bases production lines.

  • China professional factory since 2009
  • Quality rather than standard
  • Competitive pricing and lower than prices of other suppliers
  • Standard of packing
  • Payment terms varied
  • Direct cooperation with a number of shipping companies, which means preferential prices and the shortest voyage
  • What’s more, after-sales service is also our highlight.

A display of temporary fencing panels with colorful plastic feet and rubber bases, showcasing the variety of products available for construction sites. The fencing panels are stacked neatly in the background, highlighting the efficient packaging and storage solutions provided by DB Fencing.

1. Quality Assurance

At DB Fencing, quality standards are never made a second priority, and we ensure that the temporary fences are strong, durable, and reliable. At no extra cost to all of our clients, this service is offered through our strict zero defect rate 1-by-1 inspection process. That’s what makes us the top-rated temporary fence provider in China.

We immediately replace all the identified defective fence panels and feet without charging the customer at the production stage. Unlike most of the suppliers who inspect items randomly after packing, we ensure that each product is well checked throughout the entire course of the production process. This ensures our customers receive great quality products with no defects in them.

Our many years of making temporary fences have permitted us to handle other quality challenges. To show an example, while welding the wire mesh panels, we usually make cuttings on all four corners so that all rough edges are removed. We use grinders instead of bulk welding torches to get exact finishes for each connection and to work safely. The hot-dip galvanizing process has us check thoroughly to ensure no zinc deficiencies or residues are left.

On our plastic feet, for example, pressure and weight tests are conducted on the spot before any other testing to guarantee sturdiness. We have also accounted for reported color fading problems by many distributors in Australia by adding an extra-strong anti-UV formula. Anti-UV chemicals such as UV-2002, UV-P, and UV-531 are added in for durability under the harsh Australian sun and harsh exposure of UV light.

We are the only manufacturer in China with a complete scale of molds for rubber bases. We control 90% of the Chinese mainland market. As a result of these industry-leading molds, our rubber bases are durable and outstanding in quality, which makes DB Fencing the preferred supplier for many businesses.

When you choose DB Fencing, you are selecting the very highest level of quality, reliability, and service. Choose your trusted company to provide the best temporary fencing solution that suits your needs.

2. Competitive Prices

At DB Fencing, we leverage our extensive experience and strategic purchasing power to offer unbeatable prices on our high-quality temporary fences. Our long-standing relationships with upstream suppliers enable us to secure a 5% discount on bulk raw material purchases. This cost-saving benefit is passed directly to our customers, making our prices highly competitive.

Our business model focuses on thin profit margins and high volume sales, which allows us to provide top-tier products at lower prices than many of our competitors. This approach not only ensures affordability but also maintains the high standards of quality our clients have come to expect from us.

3. Our Credit Payment Terms

Here at DB Fencing, we understand that cash flow management is the most significant concern for 90% of small business owners and e-commerce sellers. We know that good payment terms can be just what you need to grow your business quickly. That is why we offer far better payment options than any other company to our supporters.

Our most straightforward and most commonly used payment method is the “30% Deposit, Balance Against Bill of Lading.” The steps go as follows: 30% deposit upon commencement of production. When your cargo is about to come to the port in your country, you remit the other 70% of the balance of the order. We then send you the bill of lading, with which you will clear customs and pick up your goods.

From this, you are assured that you can manage your cash flows without any problem since you utilize your product at each stage. With DB Fencing, you enjoy the most flexible payment terms to allow your business to grow and assure financial stability.

4. Commitment to Our Clients

At DB Fencing, we believe that every client deserves the best service we can offer, from the smallest to the biggest of orders. We aim to continually build relationships through trust and satisfaction. We’re committed to our clients being fully satisfied with our products and services, unlike many other suppliers.

If you obtain a defective product, we will put in extra effort to get the compensation to minimize your loss. Our team will work diligently to address issues and provide timely replacements or rework. This commitment to quality and client satisfaction sets us apart from other Chinese suppliers and reinforces our dedication to fostering long-term partnerships.

5. Packaging Solution

What differentiates DB Fencing from many other factories is the existence of a production department right inside our state-of-the-art warehouse. We pride ourselves on taking packaging tasks that not too many others can handle with care, offering customization for those one-of-a-kind needs of the client.

In effect, our innovative packaging solutions can be highly customized, even for small orders. The same creates a place where even small clients are assured of attention and services like those provided for large orders. We can also buy accessories to produce products in bundles to enhance convenience and offer more value to our customers.

We also work with close attention to detail since products are thoroughly inspected before being shipped to meet exceptionally high-quality standards. This is another guarantee that each customer gets their product delivered in perfect shape and ready for use.

6. Private Label & Packaging Solutions

Private Label

At DB Fencing, we offer comprehensive custom branding and packaging solutions to help your products stand out and prevent theft. We can print logos on fence panels and customize packaging to differentiate your products from competitors. This personalized touch not only enhances your brand visibility but also adds an extra layer of security.

Five years ago, we received feedback from Australian clients about frequent theft of their temporary fencing, as all fences looked identical. To address this, we began offering free logo printing on fence panels and plastic feet, making them easily identifiable and less attractive to thieves. This service has significantly reduced theft incidents for our clients.

Our design team is dedicated to providing diverse and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require distinctive branding or unique packaging, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results at competitive prices.

Packing Standards

All our temporary fence panels, along with plastic feet and rubber bases, are securely packed in steel pallets with plastic feet around them. Additionally, steel clamps are packed in robust, thicker cartons to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

7. Lower MOQ

At DB Fencing, we understand that purchasing smaller quantities often comes with the challenge of finding factories willing to customize packaging. Unlike many suppliers, we are committed to meeting your specific needs regardless of order size.

Our team can coordinate with our production facilities or local packaging factories to provide tailored packaging solutions for small batches. This means that even if you are purchasing a limited number of products, you can still enjoy the benefits of customized packaging that enhances your brand and meets your unique requirements.

8. Shipping & Cargo Consolidation

At DB Fencing, we cater to the shipping needs of both small and large businesses, offering flexible transport options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need your goods delivered to a port or directly to your door, we have the solutions to ensure a smooth and cost-effective shipping process.

Why Choose DB Fencing for Shipping?

Competitive Prices: Thanks to our large daily shipping volumes, we secure significant discounts from shipping companies, allowing us to pass these savings on to you. This ensures you receive competitive rates, helping to reduce your overall shipping costs.

Trustworthy and Reliable: Our reputation for reliability means you can trust us to handle your shipping needs with care. In the rare event of a lost parcel, we assist in securing compensation for both the shipping fee and the product cost, ensuring your peace of mind.

Shipping Options

Ship to Port: If you prefer to handle the importing procedures and domestic logistics through your own freight forwarder or customs broker, we can ship your cargo to the sea, air, or railway port of your choice.

Sea Freight: As the most economical option, sea freight is ideal for those not in a rush. Shipping times range from 15 to 40 days, depending on the destination. We offer both Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) options to accommodate different volumes.

Railway Freight: For countries along the New Eurasian Land Bridge, railway freight provides a faster alternative to sea freight, taking half the time while remaining more affordable than air freight. We offer both FCL and LCL services for flexibility.

Ship to Door: For maximum convenience, we offer door-to-door logistics, covering all export and import taxes and expenses. Our logistics partners will deliver your cargo to the port of destination via sea, air, or railway freight, complete the import procedures, and ensure delivery to the final destination by truck or courier.

Picture of Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Hola, soy Frank Zhang, el fundador de DB Fencing. Llevo 12 años dirigiendo una fábrica en China que fabrica cercas metálicas y el propósito de este artículo es compartir con ustedes los conocimientos relacionados con las cercas metálicas de La perspectiva de un proveedor chino.

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